Neighborhood clubs and dining rooms will maintain the subsidy in rates

Neighborhood clubs and dining rooms will maintain the subsidy in rates

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Neighborhood clubs and registered dining rooms throughout the country will maintain the subsidy in public service rates, sources from the National Energy Secretariat clarified this Saturday.

“The clubs registered in the register established in article 4 of Law 27,098and until article 16 of the same is regulated, they will maintain the subsidies in the price of energy”, they affirmed from the energy portfolio.

They also added, “the canteens registered in the Renacom (National Registry of Community Canteens and Picnic Areas of Civil Society Organizations) will maintain the subsidies, and schemes with a social rate such as public welfare entities, volunteer firefightersnon-profit entities, etc.

This Saturday morning, the Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Flavia Royónmaintained that the new rate scheme for public services decided by the Ministry of Economy responds to “a policy of directing subsidies to those who really need them”, and assured that “it is a mechanism that should be done” to have “fairer rates “.

“This is a mechanism that should be done, because we must go to a mechanism of fairer rates, where those who really need it will be subsidized,” said Royón in dialogue with CNN Radio.

In this line, the national official stressed that “whoever can face a rate with these increases, must do so.”

In the same way, Royón recalled that the social rate will not be subject to subsidy removal, as well as the low-income portion, and that the adjustments to those who have better purchasing power or have not applied for help, will stop receiving them. in three tranches: the first of 20% and two others of 40% each.

Lastly, he noted that 20% of the subsidies for electricity will be withdrawn from the consortiums in the first tranchewhile gas will not have modifications, so “it should have a minimal impact on expenses”, at the same time that he considered that the reduction in SMEs “should not trigger prices”.

“It depends on the criteria of each merchant how much is transferred to the price, but the increases are not a reason for the profitability or cost structure of SMEs to be significantly affected,” concluded the Secretary of Energy.

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