Peru Libre takes over the National Coca Company

Peru Libre takes over the National Coca Company

As has become customary, the high positions in the State are distributed among the people closest to the party of. On this occasion, it was the turn of Empresa Nacional de la Coca SA (Enaco), which will now have Jesús Oswaldo Quispe Arones as president.

Who is this character? Well, until a few days ago he served as Deputy Minister of Territorial Governance in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. And he came to the PCM after a visit to cerronista Guido Bellido.

Jesus Oswaldo Quispe Arones is the new president of Enaco. (Photo: Facebook)

On August 2, when Bellido was just getting comfortable in power, Quispe visited the then premier. So productive was that appointment that just five days later Quispe was anointed Secretary of Decentralization of the PCM. In January of this year, Aníbal Torres and Pedro Castillo, according to a supreme resolution, appointed him Deputy Minister of Territorial Governance.

His visits to Congress also draw attention, as he has met with pencil congressmen Alex Flores and Margot Palacios. Precisely both parliamentarians , and so they have made it known in a bill. This is the only formal entity in charge of marketing products based on the legal coca leaf. His disappearance opens the doors to the narco-state.


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