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Personería warns of the increase in forced displacement towards Medellín

Personería warns of the increase in forced displacement towards Medellín

The capital of Antioquia continues to be a city that receives forced displacement, mostly from the municipalities of Quibdó, Caucasia and El Bagre, where there are more cases of people affected by this crime, which increased by 63% between May and July.

According to the District Personería of Medellín 2,349 victims of forced displacement were reported in the last three months, being May with 912 people, the month of the year with the highest number of victims, followed by June with 795 and July with 642, as reported by the Permanent Unit for Human Rights.

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William Yeffer Vivas, representative of Medellín, explained that most of the displaced persons who arrive in the city do not return to their homes of origin, “many of the displaced persons arrive and rebuild their lives in the city of Medellín, some of the indigenous communities end up in begging activities”.

Some of the reasons that lead to forced displacement are threats, homicides, confrontations, attacks, forced disappearances, crimes against sexual integrity, the involvement of children and adolescents, among others. The main responsible for these events are the armed groups in the area, paramilitary groups, common criminals, bacrim and guerrillas..

In the same period of the year In 2021 there were 1,438 victims of forced displacement, while for this 2022 a total of 2,349 people were counted, having an increase of 911 affected by this scourge.

Between May, June and July of this year, according to the SIP, Personería Information System, this agency of the Public Ministry has received 936 statements in reference to the victimizing act of forced displacement, a figure higher than that registered in the same period of 2020, when 609 declarations were filed.

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The most affected municipalities are Quibdó with 800 victims, Caucasia with 127, Ayapel with 99, El Catre with 97, Ituango with 97, Turbo with 92, Segovia with 91 and Bello with 88.

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