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City hall portal in Rio remains offline due to hacker attack

Services from the Rio de Janeiro City Hall portal and the Carioca Digital Platform have been offline for a week. The city government informed that the Municipal Information Technology Company (IplanRio) is working 24 hours a day for the total restoration of the municipal Datacenter and the return of all systems. “The advances have been daily, but the total return of the portal and all the pages of services, still inoperative, continue without forecast”, says a note.City hall portal in Rio remains offline due to hacker attack

The digital environment of the municipality was the target of attack hacker in the early hours of last Monday (15). The action was registered at the Police Department for Repression of Computer Crimes (DRCI), which is investigating the case.

The prefecture informed this Monday (22) that the payment systems of the Secretary of Finance were restored, guaranteeing the payment of servers and employees. As a result, employee benefits were deposited, such as day care assistance, housing assistance and medication assistance. The Municipal Housing Department made the deposit of Temporary Housing Aid in advance.

In a statement, the city government informed that IplanRio resumed control and administration of the systems and the network two days after the attack, but the digital services were preventively removed from the air to ensure data protection. Servers that are not online will remain that way until the entire digital environment is secure. Until then, deadlines and maturities are being postponed.

O city ​​hall website it will only be used as a platform to keep the population informed, until the portal is fully re-established. There, the administration informed that “the days when the system is down will not be considered working days for the purpose of paying taxes and no taxpayer will be harmed”.

The Municipal Transport Department has extended the deadlines for submitting a prior defense, indicating the actual offender and filing a fine appeal in the 1st instance for transit notices, with an expiration date between August 12 and 31, 2022, to August 30, 2022. September. Inspection deadlines for all modes of public transport, such as taxis, buses, vans and kombis, have also been extended until the systems work safely again.

The municipality’s social networks, which were not affected by the hacker attack, are also being used to keep the population informed.

*Intern under the supervision of Mario Toledo

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