PGU: check with RUT if you are a beneficiary of the 74 thousand pesos of the 2023 Winter Bonus

Permanent Family Contribution: how to check with RUT if I collect the $120 thousand pesos of the doubled March Bonus today, July 12

He March Bonus, also known as Permanent Family Contribution, is a benefit provided by the Government during the first months of the year with the aim of supporting households against additional expenses that arise at that time. In 2023, the amount of this bonus was doubled to address the economic problems faced by families due to the country’s economic contingency.

The Government presented a bill in Congress to reinforce the original amount of the March Bonus 2023, and this was quickly approved. As of April, the additional amount began to be delivered to more than 1.6 million beneficiaries. The duplicate March Bonus has a value of $120,000 and you can check with your RUT If you have to collect it this July 12.

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