For the second time in four years a private bar burns down in Santiago de Cuba

For the second time in four years a private bar burns down in Santiago de Cuba

A fire caused serious damage on the ground floor of the M’ka bar in the city of Santiago de Cuba this Tuesday around 9:30 in the morning. The private premises also suffered a similar incident in January 2019. In both cases there were no losses of human life or injuries.

The fire this week was classified as “small proportions” by the official journalist Cuscó Tarradell, who through the social network Facebook assured that the incident was “promptly controlled by the Fire Department of the city of Santiago de Cuba.” . However, the local press did not publish anything about the fire.

According to Tarradell, the flames started on a pole “by a spark, presumably due to an overvoltage in one of the power lines adjacent to the facility’s garden.” The most affected area is the main hall of the property, located in the central corner of Jesús Menéndez (Alameda) and Enramada streets.

“The three air conditioning consoles were burned, the plasterboard that surrounds the structure of the premises, the snack displays, some chairs that lost the vinyl that decorated them and the professional machine for making coffee varieties. The second floor of the building has been left intact,” the reporter said.

Several sources consulted by ’14ymedio’ rule out that Rodríguez is the main owner of the bar and point to Juan Guillermo Almeida, son of Commander Juan Almeida

In the photos disseminated in networks, the ceiling of the premises is seen stained black by smoke and an iMac computer, from the Apple company, also blackened on one side. The owner of the premises, Angel Segundo Rodríguez Román, assured that “everything will be recovered in the shortest possible time and that M’ka will continue to provide services outside the premises, precisely in the decorative outdoor garden that precedes the entrance.”

However, various sources consulted by 14ymedio They rule out that Rodríguez is the main owner of the bar and point to Juan Guillermo Almeida, son of Commander Juan Almeida, as the main owner. “He is the owner of several private businesses that provide services even in hotels, they consider him one of the ‘powerful’ of private businesses and the MSMEs“, a regular visitor to the premises commented to this newspaper.

Born in 1986, Juan Guillermo, known in the Cuban artistic world as JG, is a popular music singer who has received an important boost to his career in the national media and frequently appears on the billboards of tourist centers and venues for the dance music.

“Although he lives in Havana, he also spends time in Santiago and, in a way, was spoiled by Lázaro Expósito [el anterior secretario general del Partido Comunista en la ciudad]who invited him as a musician to many events paid for by the Government,” says the young man.

At the beginning of this month at the M’ka bar, the largest pizza made in Cuba with 1.60 meters in diameter was made as part of the activities for the Fiesta del Fuego. Six kilograms of flour, five of Gouda cheese, 120 grams of salt and the same amount of basil were used in the product. The news generated criticism in the midst of the deep shortage of flour that has even affected the rationed sale of this food.

After its preparation, the giant pizza was distributed among local customers, passers-by, and neighborhood children, as reported by the private business on its Facebook account.


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