Perishables rise in price and do not give respite to the economy of Nicaraguans

Nicaraguans complain about the constant rises in the prices of basic basket products. For this week, which includes from June 05 to 11, the cost of some perishables, of high consumption, increased in value, as confirmed by a survey carried out by a consumer defense specialist, who asked to omit his name.

The increases, which have been constant since the end of May, remain for another week. The products that became more expensive are mainly onions, tomatoes, chiltoma and potatoes. The expert affirms that the tendency to rise will be greater if the winter is copious.

In the Eastern market, the potato is quoted between 20 and 22 cordobas per pound with an increase of two cordobas in relation to the previous week, the tomato that is sold in buckets costs 30 cordobas, in previous weeks its value was 25 or 27 cordobas , while the onion already reaches up to 55 córdobas per pound, exceeding its price by 5 córdobas in relation to the last week of May, the chiltoma, which is another product of daily use in homes, is found in some shopping centers in 34 córdobas per pound, two córdobas more than in the last week, the green plantain, which is used as a complement to meals, costs between 11 and 12 córdobas per unit, rising two more córdobas.

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Users of social networks Article 66 They point out that they are tired of the weekly increase in food, some point out that the salary is not enough, «The money is enough for us to eat only half, cheese, beans are through the roof and the other perishables are not even mentioned, thanks to the government that we have» points out a user of the networks.

meat prices

Perishables rise in price and do not give respite to the economy of Nicaraguans
Perishables rise in price and do not give respite to the economy of Nicaraguans

Red meat prices remain between 110 and 130 córdobas per pound in the markets, however consulted farmers assure that the trend of this product is upward, because the summer was very hot, a situation that decreased the amount of grass, added to the high costs of labor that is also scarce due to migration to countries like Costa Rica and the United States, these factors are key to considering the increase in this food in the coming months.

The chicken does not present any variation in its cost, in relation to the previous week, remaining at 30 córdobas per pound for half chicken and whole 55 córdobas per pound.

What does the FAO say?

Nicaragua ranked second in Central America at the end of 2022, in the percentage of inflation in food prices with 17.1%, as announced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Nations (FAO for its acronym in English).

In the report presented by the FAO, it was highlighted that this behavior reduces the purchasing power of Nicaraguan households.

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