Customs awarded the purchase of three scanners for the Port of Montevideo

The National Customs Directorate awarded a purchase ofe three scanners with X-ray service in order to improve customs, health and security control for a period of 10 years, reported the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

“Two of the systems will be permanently located in the Port of Montevideo. The third system will provide service indifferently in the Port of Montevideo or in any other point of the national customs territory of Uruguay,” the ministry statement said.

The company that will provide the services will be S2 Global that “will provide an Image Control and Processing Center (CCPI) in a Public Administration building to be determined in Montevideo“, which will include “computer equipment and a software platform for image analysis.”

For its part, S2 Global will provide training for Customs officers and also advanced certification in Image Analysis.

Purchasing process

To buy the scanner, in April 2022 three offers were received and at the end of May the Adjudication Advisory Commission announced the result of the economic evaluation and the technical weighting of the two that remained standing.

The company that obtained the best score was S2 Global that offered scanners from the United States, above Sonda that proposed Chinese equipment. The accepted proposal was for 10 years and a total amount of $1,649,696,102, approximately $42 million.

There, as established by Tocaf, the companies that participated in the process were given a view of the file. Sonda made its defenses and stated that the award commission assessed aspects that did not correspond to the tender specifications. He added that due to this error, his score was lower and the award was given to S2 Global.

The latter also presented its arguments. The issue reached the Court of Accounts, which in an extraordinary session on October 31 of last year decided, with a divided position, to observe the expense for non-compliance with the article 48 of the Tocaf. According to that article The wording of a tender document “should be consistent, avoid duplication of requirements and prevent the existence of vagueness, contradictions and ambiguous clauses”.

Finally, the Ministry of Economy and Finance reiterated the expense and accepted S2 Global’s offer.

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