Pereira: "We suffer the consequences of the policies of Lacallismo, not those of Maduro"

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereirasaid Venezuela “it has democratic deficiencies” and “it is not a full democracy”in an interview with the program Periodistas (Channel 5) to which he claimed for the number of minutes he spoke about that South American country and the lower amount that was talked about “how bad things are going for Uruguay”.

“I would like to have dedicated a few minutes less to Venezuela and a few more minutes to how bad Uruguay is doing.. We live here, we We suffer the consequences of the policies of Lacallismo, not of Maduro’s policiesneither those of Chile, nor those of Spain,” said the opposition leader.

Pereira’s statements come after a crossing statements between the president Luis Lacalle Pou and the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, due to the situation in Venezuela. After receiving the president of that country, Nicolás Maduro, Lula said that the accusations that point to Venezuela as an authoritarian government that does not respect human rights was a “constructed narrative”.

Lacalle responded that “the worst” that could be done was “cover the sun with a finger”. “Let’s put the name it has and help”, critical.

“The debate on Venezuela seems sterile to me”added Pereira, who believes that there is a “bias to look at Venezuela” within a “series of countries where human rights are violated”. “In Colombia, being a trade unionist was more dangerous than being a guerrilla,” he exemplified.

“My family lives in Venezuela, of those of us here at the table, the one who knows Venezuela the most is undoubtedly me.and I know of the biases that exist in Venezuela,” continued the former president of the PIT-CNT.

The Frente Amplio president said that “unfortunately Latin America is riddled with democratic insufficiencies” and “are the exceptions full democracies“, according to him “Costa Rica and Uruguay”.

Later, Pereira was asked if he considered Venezuela a “dictatorship”, but he replied that “has democratic deficiencies” and that “it is not a full democracy”and remarked that “There was an election in which several million Venezuelans participated, others did not participate, other parties excluded themselves.”

After emphasizing that this country is also suffering from a “blockade”, he recalled that now “nobody talks about (Juan) Guaidó” and “the United States stopped talking about Venezuela”while Uruguay appointed an ambassador to that country after saying that I was not going to have “ties”.

“For three years you decided not to have an ambassador, in the third year what changed? I believe that the point of view of the United States regarding Venezuela and regarding Guaidó changed,” Pereira said.

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