7 military base attackers deported to Colombia

A total of 14 Colombians were deported to their country, reported General Domingo Hernández Lárez, head of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb).

Seven of that group are accused of participating in the attack carried out last Sunday at the Santa Bárbara Territorial Protection Base located in the Yapacana National Park.

They are identified as Andrés Camilo Berrios, Miguel Enrique Berocal Pastrana, Heriberto Cuartas Roldán, Jaime Garzón Rodríguez, Juan Alexis Guarín Rodríguez, Diego Marulanda Machado, Paula Andrea Echeverri Cobo.

The subjects were detained by military officials who are deployed in the Cerro Yapacana National Park, 320 kilometers located in the Atabapo municipality (San Fernando de Atabapo), Amazonas state. “We are not going to allow illegal mining,” Hernández Lárez repeats in the videos he posts on his social networks.

In the film materials, Hernández Lárez is observed interviewing part of the detainees. “Are you aware that you are in Venezuela illegally?” the Ceofanb chief asks the captured. “They bring contraband merchandise to support illegal mining,” says Hernández Lárez, who indicated that these people were captured by the Migration Police service, in charge of substantiating the deportation procedure to Colombia.

Advertising campaign

The head of Ceofanb warned about advertising campaigns led by “transnational organized crime groups” based in Colombia.

These groups “have a whole network of comics and false positives that they spread to disguise a reality, when the operation to annihilate the Yapacana National Park is actually planned from Inírida (Colombia) and all the logistical resources are received from that Colombian location,” he said. Hernández Lárez in his publications.

“They also pay young uprooted indigenous inhabitants, who under the influence of psychotropic substances receive payments to attack the military units that protect the environment,” he stressed.

Military agents attached to the zone commands of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) of Zulia, Barinas, Aragua, Miranda, Anzoátegui and Nueva Esparta participate in Operation Yapacana, according to Ceofanb videos.

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