Pereira: Thousands eat in popular pots while some accumulated US $ 9,000 million in wealth

Pereira: Thousands eat in popular pots while some accumulated US $ 9,000 million in wealth

Fernando Pereira in Plaza Libertad.
Fernando Pereira in Plaza Libertad.

Pereira issued a message from Plaza Libertad through which he asked the military for the “Yes” from the conversation with those who are undecided, to explain the most negative aspects of the LUC that they seek to repeal.

“Now we want to ask you for the final effort, that of the last ten days. We all have to be able to talk to five or six people who still do not have a firm decision, with our neighbors, relatives, study or work colleagues and friends, to give them arguments as to why it is worth defending public education, why We are concerned about security, just as neighbors throughout the country are also concerned about the growth of violence, to substantiate why the import parity price was not convenient, ”said the president of the FA.

He assured that these are “complicated” days in which it seems that tolerance has been scarce. “We are convinced that we must have a March 28, the day after the referendum, and assume what the sovereign has said, but until the 27th we have to fight to build this popular victory that will be neither of the Broad Front, nor of the Uruguayan organizations, but it will be of our people, who are always rebellious and say no to injustice and no to any form of legislation”.

“I know that these days Uruguayans have very important issues of concern and one of them is that their salaries, pensions, purchasing power have been lowered, and the price of fuel has increased. To think that a kilo of meat costs more than 400 pesos or that 30 eggs cost more than 320 pesos, shows a serious issue about the demand of people to buy products from the basket of basic necessities, “said Pereira.

He added that, in addition to these issues that are vital, we must also think about our families, our rights and our co-workers who fight to achieve better conditions. “So, there is no doubt that we are going to repeal the LUC.”

“Let’s not let ourselves be distracted by hateful messages, by tweets that want to confuse us, or by insults and disqualifications to our mayors (in reference to the criticism of the nationalist senator Graciela Bianchi to Yamandú Orsi). Let’s focus on the fund of the campaign. They are not wanting to debate for a reason, because when arguments are lacking, it is better to discuss the chain, in the form, than to discuss the damage they are doing to public education and security and that has been so questioned by the Attorney General’s Office , by the Institute of Criminal Law, and in particular by Dr. Germán Aller, Grade 5 Criminology of the Law School. With all these arguments on the table, we are in a position to build popular victory. The polls that give parity is because it is clear that the trend is changing, ”he pointed out.

On the other hand, Pereira assured that the government “could not fulfill its campaign promise, because it said that fuel would go down, but, nevertheless, they rose above inflation and wages by more than 30% when wages only rose 14%”.

“They promised us that there would be no transfer of public companies to the central government, and only UTE transferred an additional 116 million dollars. They promised us that inflation would be within a target range, but it is very far from it and what is worse, wages do not increase”, he questioned.

Pereira said that President Lacalle Pou has the possibility of taking a quick measure to improve purchasing power and that is: “increase the minimum wage for workers, increase the minimum categories, renegotiate for those workers who receive wages that do not allow them access the family basket.

He agreed with the Colorado Party in reference to the fact that “VAT must be removed from those products in the food basket that still have it”, for which he stressed that it is time to take rapid measures.

Poor democratic quality and injustices

Pereira said: “We do not want a Law of such poor democratic quality, which has been questioned in Parliament and by the Faculty of Social Sciences, to remain in our legal system.”

“But we are also extremely concerned about the quality of life of our compatriots, about the hardships they are going through, about the tens of thousands who still eat in popular pots, while others have accumulated 9,000 million dollars in wealth, 3,000 million of the which are deposited in Uruguayan and foreign banks. This is the injustice that hurts and against all these injustices, vote Yes on the 27th”, he sentenced.


On the other hand, Pereira referred to some activities that the promoters of the Yes to the repeal of 135 articles of the LUC will carry out.

He recalled that on Saturday the 19th there will be a show at the Velodrome and that in addition to a political act, said activity will be necessary to raise funds and be able to finance the campaign.

On Sunday the 20th there will be a caravan that will depart from five different points in Montevideo, but it will also take place throughout the interior of the country.

A “banderazo” is scheduled for Tuesday the 22nd from the University of the Republic to the Obelisk to listen to the national radio and television network for the “Yes”, which will be at the 20th hour.

“With all these activities, we invite you to leave everything on the field, in the last minutes of the game. It is clear that we are building the majority and that we have been able to place in society that set of problems that afflicts it, ”he remarked.

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