Perczyk: "School is the place where we all have to be protagonists of Argentina"

Perczyk: "School is the place where we all have to be protagonists of Argentina"

“Everyone can, should and has to learn,” stressed the Minister of Education. Photo: Eliana Obregon

The Minister of Education, Jaime Perczykassured this Monday that the school “is the place where all we have to be the protagonists of the Argentina that we want” and stressed that the delivery of Language and Mathematics books for primary school students “is a platform to build a floor of equality”.

Perczyk participated this Monday in the opening of the Book to Learn conference, which was held at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) along with Ministers of Education from more than a dozen provinces, and then toured the logistics center where the distribution to the entire country of more than eight million books begins, together with the lieutenant governors of Formosa, Eber Wilson Solis; from Santa Cruz, Eugenio Quiroga and from Santiago del Estero, Carlos Silva Neder,

The head of the educational portfolio stressed that “Argentina makes sense if it is for everyone, if we do it with everyone inside. School is the place where we all have to be the protagonists of the Argentina we want”, specified a statement from the educational portfolio.

Perczyc pointed out that together with the ministers of the 24 jurisdictions “we unanimously decided that we were going to select books federally so that every girl and every boy has their copies, so that the books go home every day and every days go back to school to learn Language and Mathematics”.

“To learn to read and write, to be able to express yourself, you have to write and read every day and to learn mathematics you have to practice it every day at school and at home. The book is an instrument for that, to involve the family and everyone”, considered the national official in reference to the program, which will deliver 8,247,400 books to primary school students and teachers.

Before hundreds of teachers who participated in the day, Perczyk called them to “build a year where the full attendance modify the one we know until today and make it more powerful”.

“Everyone can, should and has to learn,” he stressed, adding that “when I refer to everyone, it is those who are and those who left school with the pandemic. We have to make an epic so that they come back.”

On the start of classes, Perczyk assured: “the March 2 we will all be at school learning. At the high school there will be Connect Equality computers for girls and boys. In primary school there will be Language and Mathematics books. For the initial level there will be literature books because we want to strengthen initial literacy”.

“Argentina makes sense if it is for everyone, if we do it with everyone inside. School is the place where we all have to be the protagonists of the Argentina we want.”Jaime Perczyk

Books to Learn It is an educational policy that will distribute Mathematics and Language Practices textbooks and books of integrated areas -according to the selection made by each jurisdiction- in the primary schools of Argentina, under the one-to-one modality, added the statement from the Ministry of Education.

With an investment of more than 6,000 million pesos, the Ministry of Education will reach more than three million students from 18,849 state-managed public schools, zero-fee private schools and single-offer private schools throughout the country.

In the activity at the CCK were present, along with Perczyk, the Secretary of Education, Silvina Gvirtz; the Secretary for Educational Cooperation and Priority Actions, Andrea García; the secretary of Evaluation and Educational Information, Germán Lodola; the Secretary General of the Federal Council of Education, Marcelo Mango; the Undersecretary of Social and Cultural Education of the Ministry of Education, Alejandro Garay, and the Undersecretary of Administrative Management, María Inés Martínez.

Also present were the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of Tierra del Fuego, Analía Cubino; the Minister of Education of San Juan, Cecilia Trincado; the one from Chaco, María Florencia Perata; the Minister of Education of Córdoba, Walter Grahovac; the Minister of Education, Science and Technology of La Rioja, Ariel Martínez, and the Minister of Education of San Luis, María Eugenia Cantaloube.

So did the Minister of Education of Santa Fe, Adriana Canteros; his peers from Tucumán, Juan Pablo Lichmajer; from Santiago del Estero, Mariela Nassif; the General Director of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, Alberto Sileoni; the president of the General Education Council of Entre Ríos, Martín Müller; the president of the Education Council of Santa Cruz, María Cecilia Velázquez, and the Minister of Culture and Education of La Pampa, Pablo Maccione.

The opening of the event was in charge of the Cantata Orchestra and Choir “Pythagoras and Music” that make up students from all over the country.

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