Pepca has until tomorrow to deposit Coral case

Pepca has until tomorrow to deposit Coral case

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for the Corruption Administrative (Pepca), tGo until this Wednesday at 1:05 in the afternoon to deposit the accusation against the major general Adán Cáceres and the others involved in the Coral case.

This, after the summons made by Judge Raymundo Mejía, of the First Investigating Court of the National District, since the Pepca he had allowed the two-month period he had been given to complete the investigation to expire.

If the inclusive act is not presented within the time established by the court, the representatives of the Pepca would run the risk that the criminal action be declared extinguished, as established by the Criminal Procedure Code.

“Once the term of the investigation has expired, if the Public Ministry does not accuse, does not dispose of the file or present another conclusive requirement, the judge in the following five days, ex officio or at the request of a party, informs the immediate superior and notifies the victim, so that they formulate their request within the common period of fifteen days. If none of them presents any requirement, the judge declares the criminal action extinguished, “says article 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The representatives of the Public Ministry have said that they will deposit in the established time. They justify that the magnitude and quality of the investigation requires time, but that they will present a forceful accusation in which they will include all those involved who participated in the corrupt network.

The facts of the Coral case

The investigations of the Pepca establish that Adam Caceres He took advantage of his functions, his proximity and support from the political power to create an alleged corrupt network to divert public funds through the Specialized Presidential Security Corps (Cusep), an institution he directed.

For these acts of corruption were subjected to the major general Adam Caceres, the pastor Rossy Guzmán, as well as police corporal Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán, son of the nun; Police Colonel Rafael Núñez de Aza and Army Sergeant Alejandro José Montero Cruz.

Meanwhile, against Raúl Alejandro Girón Jiménez, house arrest was ordered for security reasons, for cooperating with the investigation of the Public Ministry.

The network allegedly extended to the Specialized Body for Tourist Security (Cestur). According to the PepcaIn these institutions, military and policemen were included in the payroll who lent themselves to embezzle millionaires in exchange for small amounts of profit.

The network allegedly used religious institutions and non-profit organizations to launder money stolen from the public purse. They say that the defendants managed to considerably increase their assets in a way that they could not justify.

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