Pasión Dávila, from Peru Libre: "This is not the time for a change in the Constitution"

Pasión Dávila on the withdrawal of the proposal to cut mandates: “I will continue to insist”

congressman (Perú Libre) assured that it was not he who withdrew the bill that he had presented, which proposes a constitutional reform so that the presidential and parliamentary mandate of the authorities elected in the 2021 general elections is cut and that their term only lasts until 2023.

The parliamentarian pointed out that the initiative was presented with the necessary signatures, but said he was surprised when the spokesman for the ruling group, Waldemar CerronI withdraw your signature.

I have not withdrawn it, I want to make it clear. I presented it with the corresponding signatures of all the congressmenAs the regulation says, they had a minimum of 7 or 8 signatures. At the end It was a surprise when the bench spokesman (Waldemar Cerrón) withdrew it.”, he declared to the press from outside the Congress.

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In this sense, he stressed that he does not know the reason why his colleagues Margot Palacios, Silvana Robles, Paul Gutierrez and the same Cerro Rojas They decided to take a step back.

For the presentation I took this bill to the spokesperson and he did not say anything, I sign it. Then I had the rest of my colleagues sign and they all signed.Davila said.

Despite this, the Free Peru legislator asserted that he will not give up and will talk with other congressmen so that they support him and can present this proposal again. “I will continue insisting on that topic and I will coordinate with fellow congressmen who can support“, said.

Susel Paredes presents a new proposal

This Tuesday, Congresswoman Susel Paredes (not grouped) presented a bill with the same intention, to cut the presidential and congressional mandate for 2023 and call for new elections.

The initiative proposes that the president peter castle conclude their mandate on July 28, 2023, while the congressmen and representatives before the Andean parliament on July 26, 2023.


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