Peñarol expressed his disagreement with the sanction of the AUF

Peñarol issued a statement this Friday expressing its disapproval of the sanction that the Disciplinary Commission of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) imposed on them as a result of the incidents that occurred in the last classic before National in the Great Central Park.

Specifically, the “coalman” was sanctioned with the impossibility of having the presence of his partials for two matches at home. Given this measure, the letter (signed by the president of the club, Ignacio Alonso) informs that he will abide by the sanction, but that “he does not share it at all.”

For the coal directive, this measure “directly attacks fans, partners, party members and butaquistas.” These “have nothing to do with the events that occurred in the classic game,” says Peñarol. The team assures that the incidents “were the responsibility of a small group of individuals who do not represent the Institution. Even more so, considering that the organization of the match did not correspond to Peñarol neither abroad nor within the sports scene.

“With great effort and dedication, Peñarol complied, and will continue to comply, with all the provisions and requirements of the Ministry of the Interior. Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Commission of the AUF dispose in this regard, emphatically rejecting the incidents that occurred in said meeting, ”he adds.

“However, Club Atlético Peñarol expresses with total clarity, that despite regretting what was resolved, it will fully abide by the provisions of the relevant authorities, complying with the dispute of the next two matches without a local public in the stands, taking into account the undisputed character unappealable of the reference ruling”, concludes the text.

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