Peña and Cartes should also resign as Velázquez affirms analyst

Last Friday, Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States, announced the designation of Hugo Velázquez Moreno, Vice President of the Republic, as significantly corrupt. This, after verifying an offer of bribery made to a public official to prevent the advancement of an investigation against him.

The announcement also included Juan Carlos “Charly” Duarte, current advisor to the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY), for his participation in the same events. Duarte would have been the one who made the payment.

A few minutes later, the vice president announced to radio stations his resignation from the candidacy for the presidency of the Republic. And, he also announced that in the next few days he was going to submit his resignation to the vice presidency.

Hugo Estigarribia, a former senator, highlighted Velázquez’s gesture of renouncing his claims. At the same time, he stressed that Horacio Cartes should also give up his aspirations to be president of the ANR. The former president was declared “significantly corrupt” on July 22. “Cartes is irresponsible (for not resigning), after the nickname he gave him. It is a kind of challenge to an insurmountable factual situation. The United States is a world leader where institutional work is done. If he tells you that you are significantly corrupt, it is for something, ”he expressed.

He pointed out that Peña should also resign because he does not exist in the political arena without the support of the former president. “Peña’s problem is that it doesn’t exist without Cartes. He said that nobody is interested in what the embassy says. He became a prisoner of his own speech, of his own ridiculous statement. Who is not interested in what a leading world country says. Both sectors are burning. A resignation of all the candidacies should be given. The only way to save from the moral catastrophe in which he is involved is by resigning the entire leadership, ”he urged.

Shirley Gómez, political analyst.

Peña and Cartes should also resign as Velázquez affirms analyst

How did you take the US statement?

Shirley Gómez, a political analyst, expressed that she took the announcement with great surprise, not because of the person in himself, but because of the situation, since this produces a change in the political scene at the local level. “He also talks a lot about how a third country should come to say what is happening under our noses and how Paraguayan justice does not act,” she commented.

He affirmed that this announcement forces the ANR to carry out a total reconfiguration and a turning point within the party. “I believe that the ANR should take this as an opportunity to purge its ranks and to see that it is not only enough to affiliate people but to see what kind of contributions it can make to the country,” he said.

Are resignations enough?

The analyst affirmed that resignations are not enough, and that it is evident that the Colorado Party must be renewed in some way, since it is a traditional and important party. “This affects him in the future in the face of the next elections and let’s say that it means a great opportunity that the Coalition would have to take advantage of. I think this affects the political image of the country. Because it not only talks about the Colorado party but also about our justice that does not act and needs another country to make the accusations, ”she commented.

When asked about this interference by the United States in the internal affairs of the country, she pointed out that it represents an important tool because if it does not happen, the national board will not move. “It is sad that another country comes to tell us what is happening. Or that you have to designate in such or such a way so that our politicians can react. She obviously talks about the United States government and its influences at the political level. I do not see it as something that is wrong or right, what is wrong as a country is that we do not act first, “she sentenced.

How do you see the possibilities of the Coalition now?

He affirmed that the Coalition only depends on itself since it has a free bow for the next elections. “This alone is not enough. An internal maturity is needed within the Concertación. It is an opportunity, but if they do not know how to take advantage of it and they continue as if in an internal debate and without definitively defining their badges, time is running out for them to campaign”, he concluded.

Leonardo Gómez Berniga, political analyst.

Peña and Cartes should also resign as Velázquez affirms analyst

How did you take the US statement?

Leonardo Gómez Berniga, political analyst, pointed out that this announcement is loaded with political content and also to reaffirm a foreign policy agenda, announced since the inauguration of Joe Biden, which was to take on the issues of political corruption and the issues of threats about corruption in the financial system and national security actors. “The Velázquez case falls within the category of an official linked to acts of political corruption and is a form of extraterritorial demonstration of soft power. The possibility of sanctions by the United States is being legitimized outside its borders”, he commented.

How does this affect the electoral campaign?

How does it affect having a Coalition in front of you that what you are doing is legitimizing a political discourse installed for several years like the ‘ANR never again’, of the political corruption of the Colorado Party, that the ANR has entrenched organized crime within of its structure, on the one hand it gives an incentive to the Coalition and makes it possible to identify that there is an enemy to defeat that has the ANR kidnapped by criminal networks. These networks continue to exist and will continue to wield influence within the party. This will be one of the points in favor that the Coalition will have, it can influence votes as long as it transmits the message of being an alternative.

He argued that the Concertación has the challenge of integrating the greatest number of actors, a plural agenda, of establishing the tremendous inequality that exists as a priority and providing security without excluding any sector. “Even people who may be dissidents,” he said.

How do you see the possibilities of the Coalition now?

Finally, regarding how the Concertación stands, he affirmed that it has a historic opportunity that it must take advantage of not only because of the declaration by the United States, but also because there is public disrepute of the ANR. “There is a receptivity of the very bases of the ANR for an alternative alternation project. I’m not saying it but there are also several studies that affirm it. Colorado voters themselves would be willing to vote for other political forces to guarantee an alternation.

Mario Villalba, political analyst.

Peña and Cartes should also resign as Velázquez affirms analyst

How did you take the US statement?

Political analyst Mario Villalba pointed out that the announcement by the United States was a “bombshell” for the political situation in Paraguay. He also pointed out that this is an important step because the United States basically positions itself strongly on the issue against corruption and impunity in Paraguay. “In a very short time, two leaders like Horacio Cartes and now Hugo Velázquez, are declared significantly corrupt. The United States is saying it’s not one move or the other. Rather, they will go after all the people involved in corruption and terrorism. It is a very strong message that affects the political aspect”, he expressed.

He argued that the designations of Horacio Cartes and Hugo Velázquez as significantly corrupt, may only mean “a previous step”, in the sense that extradition can come in a short time. “It would be the third bomb. They are diplomatic steps within a political context, but I believe that the next step could be the extradition of Horacio Cartes.

Are resignations enough?

The Chartist sector alleged that it was a “political persecution.” But the United States shows that such a thing does not happen, making it clear that it is not a movement. “Now it is going to cost Santiago Peña to attack Hugo Velázquez, more than he has already resigned. That management of political dialogue between the two plates, will define who wins. Now it is somewhat strengthened. We will see how the ruling party forms a new veneer.

He argued that this shows that there are corrupt everywhere. “There will be an interesting fight in the discursive between both movements. I think Horacio Cartes could be extradited. “One can make many assumptions but this moves the political hornet’s nest quite a bit, on the other hand, it strengthens the figure of the Concertación. Having two significantly corrupt people in both of the strongest Colorado Party movements is a point in favor of the Concertación,” he stated.

How do you see the possibilities of the Coalition now?

He finally said that the Coalition is very strong with this, with Efraín Alegre as its main candidate. “If Alegre correctly uses the language that he lost against significantly corrupt people and continues to apply the language of ‘homeland or mafia’, he will position himself very strongly. There is a new scenario that is the Coalition and there, it will depend on the leaders to achieve unity”, he concluded.

Martin Burt, pre-candidate for the presidency.

How can it affect the country image?

Peña and Cartes should also resign as Velázquez affirms analyst

Martin Burt, pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic, stated that the discredit of Paraguayan institutions has reached its worst level in decades. “We have a former president and a vice president buried in the manure of corruption. We have to end this system, it doesn’t give any more. This affects the lack of work for our people, factories do not come to settle in the country due to legal insecurity. The lack of work creates insecurity, we need to end the old policy and turn the page.

He maintained that the two movements of the ANR are involved and nobody believed him. “I always said that the two sectors are involved. I am working with a lot of sectors that are also wanting a new system based on the family economy and the families’ need for work. We have a vulgarized democracy. And I am ashamed that they have to come from other countries to burn Paraguay with these statements of significantly corrupt”, he mentioned.

Is the problem the ANR?

He argued that corruption has permeated all sectors. He pointed out that they should not be foolish or naive to believe that this is confined to the ANR. “It’s the old policy. Unfortunately there are old politicians in my own party as well who have chosen to maintain the status quo. They don’t have government programs, they don’t have proposals to reform education, they don’t have proposals to eradicate poverty or to create jobs. The only thing they want is to rise to power to continue with the festival of corruption”, he pointed out.

He urged to seek a radical transparency to end the mafia and the rot.

Will the public understand the seriousness of these accusations?

We must arrive with a message of support for housewives. For Paraguayan entrepreneurs and families. The politics and the shouting that appears on television all it does is depress and sadden people and take away their hope. “We need the mobilization of all families, now that we have an open registry, I think there is a great opportunity to turn the page. It is not a problem of liberals against Colorados, it is a problem of the old politics against the new politics”, she concluded.

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