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Microsoft and ESAN University sign an alliance to contribute to the development of Peruvian SMEs

Microsoft and ESAN University sign an alliance to contribute to the development of Peruvian SMEs

Despite the headwinds that have blown since the crisis of the Technology has played a key role not only in helping companies stay operational, but also in creating new business models, reaching new markets and more customers, and doing more with less. A study commissioned by reveals that 95% of the Peruvian companies accelerated the digital transformation processes in their companies and that more than 94% invested in technology in the last year. These figures seem to make it clear that the role that technology has played in Peruvian organizations has been crucial to guarantee their continuity and development in the market.

Ensuring that SMEs have access to this differentiating factor is crucial, since not only commerce, industry, services, but also the livelihood and well-being of millions of families depend on small and medium-sized organizations. According to the National Household Survey (ENAHO), it was learned that SMEs generate 70% of world employment and, in Peru, they employ 26.6% of the economically active population (PEA). In addition, they contribute to the economic growth of the country since private investment is equivalent to around 25% of GDP. For this reason, democratizing access to the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is essential to create new opportunities for the productive sector, guarantee the livelihood of millions of Peruvians and to promote innovation.

For this reason, Microsoft and ESAN University have signed an alliance to support the creation, incubation and development of Peruvian SMEs, providing them with various tools to improve their management, administration, training and daily operations. In addition, through the Microsoft Digital Native Companies program, they will offer advice and support to technology-based SMEs or that are scalable with the support of technology, to enhance their growth and generate new opportunities in the market.

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At Microsoft, we know the importance of continuing to support and empower SMEs to follow their path of digital transformation to achieve an economic recovery that is inclusive and leaves no one behind. Within the framework of this alliance with ESAN, we are uniting our joint experience and pooling resources to promote entrepreneurship, the digital transformation of Peruvian SMEs and promote digital native companies, which are the engine of our economy and the well-being of millions. of families in the country”, commented Giovanna Cortez, General Manager of Microsoft for the South Region and Peru.

At ESAN we remain committed to the emergence and growth of new digital companies, many of our graduates have been able to automate various business processes and stay competitive in the market. We are sure that this alliance with Microsoft will further strengthen the capabilities and opportunities of entrepreneurs in our country for these new times”commented Alvaro Echevarría, Coordinator of the Office of Science, Technology and Innovation of ESAN University.

Benefits of the Microsoft Digital Native Business program include:

  • Being part of Solution Workplace: They will be able to belong to an exclusive space where they will share innovative ideas and disruptive business models. Here they will be able to receive valuable feedback that will allow them to develop their idea, supporting them with the technical and commercial experience of Microsoft. In addition, marketing strategies to expand your presence in the market will also be reviewed.
  • Increase exposure of solutions: At a local level, the solutions of the participating companies will be exhibited through specialized social networks, the media and Microsoft’s own channels. Likewise, they will be able to access technical discussion spaces with specialists in the modernization of business models, artificial intelligence applied to industries, advanced analytics, process automation and the development of modern work environments. Virtual events will also be held with the aim of creating meeting spaces between supply and potential demand.
Microsoft wants to invest in Peruvian SMEs.

At an international level, participating companies will be able to access regional and global events that have the presence of experts in the technology industry such as Microsoft Innovation Summit and Microsoft Empower, conferences that seek to promote digital transformation at the business and technological level.

Finally, Microsoft and ESAN continue to provide opportunities to learn the latest technology and increase each other’s skills, for which the Azure Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge is now available for registration. For this new challenge, all participants will be able to compete, learn and develop knowledge of current technology.

Learn more about the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge .

Technology can be a great ally for organizations, therefore, it is important to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer because, only in this way, can a better future be built for all, with entrepreneurship and SMEs being fundamental actors for the development and country growth.


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