Peña affirms that Cartes is not the only piece of “Honor Colorado”

Santiago Peña, candidate for the presidency of the Republic for “Honor Colorado”, told 780 AM that former president Horacio Cartes is “a fundamental piece of the movement, but he is not the only one.”

“The former president Horacio Cartes is a fundamental piece, but he is not the only one, we have the responsibility to continue, also giving our adherents peace of mind,” he said.

He explained that he has been working very intensely with Horacio Cartes. And that last Thursday, she was just with him. “We were receiving different delegations. Beyond the fact that I am very sorry for the attacks, for the injustices that the leader of the movement, Mr. Horacio Cartes, is receiving, the reality is that this is a huge project”, he commented.

He also said that the data they handle is that the change in the candidacy for president (in “Republican Force”) had a negative impact, not only on the presidential ticket, but also on regional candidacies. “They are pulling down. The candidacy of Arnoldo Wiens generates less enthusiasm than that generated by the candidacy of Hugo Velázquez”, he stated.

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