Pedro Castillo: "The issue of censorship and interpellations delay the work"

Pedro Castillo: “The issue of censorship and interpellations delay the work”

President considered that the “censorship and interpellations” against ministers of State by Parliament generate “delay” the work of the Government.

During his statement, in the framework of the meeting he held with investors from companies with economic interests in Peru, he pointed out that during the campaign there was a fear that his government would be on the extreme left, something had not happened during his administration.

Castillo Terrones’ words come hours after a motion of censure against the head of the Interior portfolio, Willy Huerta, was formalized. Last week Geiner Alvarado was censored from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

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There are always political issues that make us go through these things, the issue of censorship and interpellations that retract or delay the work but here we are to face the great challenges that the country has”, he asserted.

“When we were campaigning there was fear, it was said that we were an extremist Marxist, communist, Marxist-Leninist government, more than a year has passed and the reality is different, we come from the countryside, we come from the rural area where the needs are, the State without the support of private activity cannot carry out the great challenges that the country has”he expressed.

Along these lines, he invited businessmen to invest in Peru. “We are going to give you the guarantee and peace of mind, that you feel the affection of those people, that population that needs the presence of the state in the population.”

The meeting of the head of state took place within the framework of his visit to the United States to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations that takes place in New York.

Castillo Terrones was accompanied by members of his Ministerial Cabinet such as César Landa (Foreign Relations), Roberto Sánchez (Foreign Trade and Tourism) and Kurt Burneo (Economy and Finance).


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