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PEN held internal elections without the organization of the TSJE

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PEN held internal elections without the organization of the TSJE

After the internal elections on Sunday, several political actors were dissatisfied with the results. Some candidates consider that irregular events occurred, in addition, they are dissatisfied with the quotas granted to candidates from minority parties whose voters did not even reach 100 people.

The National Encounter (PEN) party held the election of candidates for senators, representatives, members of the departmental board and party authorities on Sunday, in elections that were not organized by the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE). For this reason, its results were not presented in the Transmission of Preliminary Electoral Results (TREP).

Kattya González, national deputy for the PEN and candidate for senator for the party, published on her social networks that she received 183 votes and compared it with the 70 votes she received in 2017. Only until then, a large part of the citizenry was able to know that her party held elections on Sunday.


Fernando Camacho, president of the National Encounter (PEN) party, stated that these elections are normal for medium-sized parties.

“First of all, we summon and invite the citizens and all our affiliates to go and vote for the Coalition for the sheet of Efraín Alegre and Soledad Núñez. And this was successful given that the victory of the duo made up of Efraín and Soledad was very great, and the majority of our affiliates went to vote in those elections. Secondly, the PEN elections are for the ratification of candidacies. It does not have a competitive or massive character. So much so, that Kattya in 2018 for the candidacy for the deputation had 70 votes in the internal elections and then had 58 thousand votes for the general elections. Now closer, the case of Jazmín Galeano, in our internal ones she had 50 votes and in the municipal elections she had 10,800 votes, ”he explained.

He maintained that his party does not want to compete with the traditional parties in carrying votes, mobilizing groups, vehicles and transporting people.

“It is not our profile. Our profile is to seek the conscious vote of the people who voluntarily attend. It is not only now, it was also in 2017, 2012 and in each election, ”he pointed out.

When asked about the doubts generated by elections without the control of the TSJE, he pointed out that the electoral tribunals are independent. In addition, they were fully supervised by the electoral justice.

“All candidates have the power to have overseers, to have their participation through proxies. They have the same guarantees as any other party and are supervised by the electoral Justice ”, he concluded.

Today the PEN has 15,000 members, of which 500 participated as PEN inmates. Kattya González with 183 votes and Fernando Camacho with 160 were the most voted.

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