Pelón Cheremos will be charged in an anti-terrorist court in Caracas

Pelón Cheremos will be charged in an anti-terrorist court in Caracas

Oswaldo José Cheremos Carrasquel (El Pelón Cheremos), listed as a supplier of weapons to the Plain Train, captured in Guaricowill be transferred to Caracas to be charged before the 1st National Court of Control with Competence for Crimes Associated with Terrorism, judicial sources said.

Such a decision follows from the oral hearing held last Saturday in the 3rd Control Court of Guárico, Valle de la Pascua extension, where that instance declared itself incompetent and declined the file in the aforementioned capital court.

For this reason, Judge Luis Alberto Rodríguez Vegas sent an official letter to Detachment 343 of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), located in Zaraza (Guárico), to ask him to “please transfer citizen Oswaldo José Cheremos Carrasquel as soon as possible. up to the Control Court with National jurisdiction and Competence with Crimes Associated with Terrorism in Caracas…”.

Cheremos Carrasquel was arrested last Friday during a raid carried out on his farm located in the Los Recortes sector, San José de Unare parish, Pedro Zaraza municipality, Guárico.

In that place, the soldiers found six firearms, among them a 9mm caliber Atalanta GA USA semi-automatic submachine gun and 182 cartridges of various calibers, according to a GNB report.

The arrest of Pelón Cheremos occurred after a video was broadcast where he is seen along with other people carrying long and short weapons.

The video reflects what appears to be a celebration with the presence of the so-called influencer, one of them who goes by the nickname El Triple Bello, who improvises a rap and is interrupted by an armed man.

The audiovisual material was recorded in a white fifth where El Pelón Cheremos serves as host. The video, posted on the Instagram site _donvasquez, has a fixed inscription at the bottom that reads “Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico.”

  • Pelón Cheremos will be charged in an anti-terrorist court in Caracas

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