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Colorado Party appealed resolutions for billboard fines on public roads in Montevideo

The National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Colorado Party met as every week and evaluated the organization of the youth election next Saturday, November 5, from which conventional elect and members of the national authority itself will emerge. The session was chaired by Deputy Conrado Rodríguez, with Dr. Julio María Sanguinetti acting as general secretary.

A total of 170 circuits already registered will be the base of that organization, extending one more week for some delayed. To them are added about 22 mobile circuits.

The deadline for submitting lists ended yesterday, Monday the 24th. During part of the day there were 50 from Montevideo and 35 from Canelones, with no department in less than two. At the end of the last day there were a total of 137 nationwide.

The Secretary of the Electoral Commission, Sebastián Bonilla, reported on the matter, with the intervention of several members of the Committee.

In another order, note was taken of the judicial situation that has occurred with the executive procedure followed by the Municipality of Montevideo to try to collect fines for infractions of the regulations on the placement of posters on public roads.

The Party raised serious exceptions, among others the lack of passive legitimation of the obligation, because the community is not responsible for posters put up by people or groups that are not subordinated to or under the control or knowledge of the national authority.

This same exception was raised by the National Party in a similar trial, but with a diametrically different result: while in this case it was exonerated, the Colorado Party, on the other hand, was condemned. Both sentences are being appealed.

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