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Pedro Juan Caballero chooses his new mayor today

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With nearly 75,000 registered voters, the residents of Pedro Juan Caballero will elect their new mayor today, after the death of José Carlos Acevedo.

The Electoral Justice reported that since its inception, at 7:00 on time, a significant turnout of voters goes to the 6 polling places to cast their vote.

It is important to highlight that Voting closes at 5:00 p.m. provided in TSJE Resolution No. 30/2022.

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Today, 188 Vote Receiving Tables are set up, distributed in 6 polling places, so that 74,337 citizens can vote in these elections. 210 Voting Machines will be the receptacles of the popular will of those who will choose the next communal chief.

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Three candidates from the different political parties will compete for the vacant position, for the National Republican Association (ANR) Julio Vega, while for the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) he will fight Ron Acevedo, and for the Beloved Homeland Party (PPQ) Luis Gabriel Genez.

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