"Girls, it is possible to be president of the Republic"says Sheinbaum in Puebla

"Girls, it is possible to be president of the Republic"says Sheinbaum in Puebla

There, the brunette, who is one of the “corcholatas” of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to compete for the presidency of Mexico in the 2024 election, greeted and took selfies with the people who were already waiting for her.

Subsequently, he met with Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta to sign a collaboration agreement on security, an event in which he highlighted that the crime rate in Mexico City has decreased by up to 60%, without giving further details of the figures. .

The president thanked Governor Barbosa, whom she described as her “friend”, for having received her in Puebla.

Later, Claudia Sheinbaum moved to the area of ​​Los Fuertes de Guadalupe where the Exhibitor Center is located, where the massive event took place. She was immediately accompanied by Julio Huerta, director of the State Government and cousin of the governor, in addition to being her main political operator.

Here, the presidential candidate was received by Barbosa’s ‘corcholatas’: Sergio Salomón Céspedes, leader of the local Congress; Olivia Salomón, Secretary of Economy, and José Antonio Martínez García, current Secretary of Health.

With them, she entered the venue where thousands of people from various municipalities were already waiting for her, who registered before entering.

The massive event began with a review of Claudia’s academic and personal life. In her speech, she assured that she was invited to give the keynote speech ‘Successful Government Policies’ by the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP).

After justifying why the so-called fourth transformation should continue in the country, and criticizing the National Electoral Institute (INE) to request support for the electoral reform promoted by López Obrador, Claudia Sheinbaum stressed that today more than ever, women are capable of exercising any position or profession.

“That is why the women, the girls who today see a governor, see that it is possible to be a governor, that it is possible to be engineers, to be lawyers, to be astronauts, that it is possible to be deputies, that it is possible to be governors and it is also possible to be president of the Republic,” he stressed. With this last sentence, she unanimously heard the applause and cheers towards her person.

Claudia Sheinbaum is considered a strong profile towards the succession of López Obrador in 2024, and in the case of Puebla, in the last three weeks, candidates for the governorship of Puebla, identified with the governor’s group, began to participate in assemblies district districts of Morena to promote the head of government of Mexico City.

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