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Pedro Castillo’s lawyer: “they gave him a drink and then he felt stunned”

The lawyer Guillermo Olivera, Pedro Castillo’s lawyer, gave statements this Friday to the local media, where he explained the actions of the former president of Peru, after the decisions he made last Wednesday, November 7, where he ordered the dissolution of Congress and the formation of an “exception government”.

In the jurist’s opinion, the now dismissed ex-president read a speech that was “written by others, a few minutes before they gave him a drink.”

«The person who called me told me that they gave him a drink, an alleged water, and that after drinking the water he felt groggy. That’s why he read,” he asserted.

He stressed that “everyone has seen that he was reading shaky and I also hypothesize that, in addition to being shaky, he was a little sedated, he was a little groggy.”

Castillo, currently faces a provisional detention of seven days after the ordinances carried out and it is expected that the investigations against him will continue by the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office.

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