enjoy: verb in world mode

enjoy: verb in world mode

Fashions have always had periods, they generate trends and behaviors in societies. Today, almost everything in a global dimension, what happens in Qatar is seen, heard and commented on simultaneously on a planetary level.

If I had to identify the most used verb in the world event, I would go for the verb in the title. This word, according to various sources, refers to having, perceiving and possessing a product and usefulness of something. Have some physical or moral condition or characteristic to enjoy and use comfort, convenience or a gift. have the friendship or benevolence of someone. The funny thing is that dis (enjoy) etymologically it means denial or annoyance. Beyond the origins, let’s see how it works in the present tense. Ana

  • Before the World Cup began, coaches, players, ex-players, family members, sports leaders and any guest or curious person who came to the airport of their country to say goodbye to the national team, almost in chorus, the unanimous wish was: ENJOY IT.

Until then there were no results and everyone was on an equal footing. The obligatory statement to the press set by FIFA, under pain of a fine, found a varied and multicolored race of technical directors, who, in the spirit of taking pressure off their managers, agreed on the blessed verb before entering the field : “I just want my boys to enjoy this moment that happens every four years.”

Meanwhile, from the four corners of the planet, powerful and rich people left, fans of sports or not, but with an unavoidable appointment. You have to be there and spare no expense. At the same time, there are the boys from the board – where there are still wooden stands – or the fans who live from their daily work, surrounded by innumerable economic problems, families with large children and with a little fun at the weekend: football. What do I say in the stands next year if I don’t tell something about the World Cup? With what face do I look at the other fans, if I was not in Qatar? Two reflections that remove any shadow of a doubt and the 24 uncomfortable installments that I will suffer month after month to pay, will be able to me in the distant Arab country, which I never imagined knowing.

For a moment, in the airports, the VIP lounges, artists, celebrities, hooligans and common fans are confused, all mixed in a sweet bunch, dressed in national colors and matched by a feeling of being the representatives of the country in a global way. The halls of the air terminals are overflowing with passion and illusion, everyone feels like winners and after the tight embrace of rigor, the blessed verb appears again in the well-worn phrase: ENJOY IT.

The rigid rules of the host country take newcomers out of the bubble of rapture, when they realize that the drinks will be non-alcoholic, the affectionate kiss of a couple, after a long trip, can deposit them in jail and not what to say about the euphoric embrace of the most macho members of the rostrum, who will not be able to evade the suspicion of maintaining relationships, which in Qatari lands are punishable by imprisonment and a fine. Although the World Cup advances, in these paragraphs we have not yet begun, but everything is ready to leave behind the well-founded suspicions of the arrangements to designate this venue against all odds. The top leaders of FIFA, belatedly repentant, say that it was not the best place and several ended up in jail and one of ours is still serving his sentence in the United States.

The number one of FIFA and his followers, declare left and right the commitments of the Arabs in respect for human rights, women and other minorities. When the start is imminent and in the midst of the disapproval of various European teams, due to limitations on their symbols, logos and other expressions of their respective countries, they all agree on the repeated wish for their own and strangers: ENJOY IT.

Entering the final phase of the biggest event in world football, there are numerous shocks and unexpected revelations, where more than one national team had to learn to SUFFER and had to rush back home. others should SUFFER misfortune or bad luck and followed the same path. Several nominees as safe candidates, showed LACK of the basic condition to continue and they were not very well received in their countries of origin. The wonderful effort provided did not prevent them from having to BE SAD, and beyond the good job accomplished, there is only room for eight casts. Finally, LOSE It is one of the mathematical possibilities that exist in this type of event and after complaining to the referees, pounding on a VAR screen and cursing the badly kicked penalties, few returnees remember that affectionate one: ENJOY IT.

The party will continue because the show requires it and there is a lot of money at stake. At this point, in each appointment, there will be 22 millionaires who run after a ball and who, once every four years, get excited about the luck of their selection.

As the days go by, other customs of the host country are discovered and the severe rules seem to be relaxed, depending on the occasion as in other parts of the world.

The Arab men who do not allow their women to wear high heels because the noise disturbs them and increases their testosterone levels, have no problem taking selfies when they are close by with the plump Croatian model, who was not censored at any time for the bulges displayed under a red and white square.

At this point no one remembers the respected American journalist Grant Wahl, prevented from entering the stadium for wearing a multicolored shirt. The journalist assured that the Qatari staff told him: “’You have to change your shirt. It’s not allowed'”. However, FIFA, despite the evidence, continued to repeat, as if nothing had happened: “we have been clear in saying that the rainbow flag would be welcome at the World Cup.” Two days later the message changes 180 degrees. “FIFA has been very clear, it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear the armbands on the pitch. As national federations, we cannot ask our players to risk sporting sanctions, including yellow cards”, wrote these seven federations.

there is a trend or belief that leads individuals to focus on the enjoy the present. Many times, the exercise of the minimum rights are postponed due to a certain permissive attitude, and people discard achievements that cost centuries, as long as the instance of enjoying is not postponed. There is the constant noise of advertisements and proposals to be fashionable, to be part of the world. The media tries to make us believe that if we refuse to jump on the bandwagon of trends or other things considered fun, we cease to exist.

Already in the final phase of the World Cup, two alternatives can occur: one, that the most economically powerful team ends up winning due to the value of its players. Little stars persecuted by gossip magazines and vanity shows, in sun and shadow, who remain outside their countries of origin for most of the year and only meet at the World Cups. Or else that old phrase from the journalist Dante Panzeri about soccer, as old as the ball that illustrates this note, reappears brilliantly: “the dynamics of the unthinkable”, and end up winning the best in this beautiful game, increasingly tied to the entertainment of the majority, who return to their reality after “enjoy” a couple of weeks.

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