Pedro Castillo: "We must end this situation of useless political confrontation"

Pedro Castillo: “We must end this situation of useless political confrontation”

The president of the Republic, assured that political confrontation is “useless” and does not contribute to solving the problems that afflict citizens, for which he indicated that it is necessary to work together with local authorities to resolve the country’s complaints.

“We have to end this situation, and we have always said it, with this useless political confrontation. With that, the hunger of the people is not resolved, that carriageway that the communities ask for, the water and sewage that the mayors of the country ask for, is not solved, ” said this Tuesday.

Pedro Catillo, during the delivery of the fifth edition of the 2021 national award “Municipal Seal Include to Grow – Local Management for People”, assured that the joint work of all the authorities will be what allows to resolve the crisis that the country is going through.

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“They are resolved by attending to the needs and how, in a united way, we attend to the clamor of the mayors from all over the country”, Indian.

The head of state assured that poverty and other ills that afflict the country are the “true enemies of the country”, something of which he said the mayors who participated in the event at the Government Palace are aware.

“They are aware that due to this crisis that we have gone through, there are many works pending in the country, hundreds and thousands of works completed that send us through the ministries […] We need to have a map of poverty and we have to specify all of this because those are the true enemies of the country”he concluded.

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Incident with mayor of Moche

At this ceremony, César Fernández Bazán, mayor of Moche, returned an award to President Pedro Castillo, a fact that he recorded and spread on his social networks.

“President Castillo, I return it to you [el premio]I want tracks and sidewalks for my place, I do not like these recognitions, I have returned the recognition because it does not represent me, I am not for these shows “he stated in the video.

“I have given him the recognition of Moche, I do not lend myself to those things, we do not come here to support anyone. That is money for all Peruvians. How can a person who has done nothing for Peru admit that I have done enough? Those who are there on the stage are puppets, but Moche is not “he added.

Arturo Fernández Bazán returned the decoration to the president of Peru

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