Pedro Castillo: "We are going to bring out the Armed Forces to fight the small and large criminal"

Pedro Castillo: “We are going to bring out the Armed Forces to fight the small and large criminal”

The President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, said last night that the Armed Forces will support the National Police in the fight against common crime because “not everything is the responsibility of the police”. He said it during the presentation of the results of a police mega operation in El Agustino, an activity in which he wore a bulletproof vest and held a whip in his hand.

I ask the Minister of the Interior to coordinate with the Ministry of Defense not only to have the Police, because not everything is the responsibility of the Police. We are going to bring out the Armed Forces to combat once and for all the small criminal and the big criminal. We cannot stop it in another way if we do not do a joint task”, he expressed together with the Minister of the Interior Alfonso Chávarry and the Commander General of the PNP Vicente Tiburcio.

Castillo added that the National Police “yes it has the capacity” to protect citizen security, but it will have more resources when it organizes with members of the Armed Forces and the municipalities to fight against this scourge.

Likewise, he recalled the work carried out by the peasant and urban patrols and said that “These efforts must be added”.

This Tuesday the Minister of the Interior Alfonso Chávarry was consulted on the subject.

I understand that the president has indicated that he is going to bring out the armed forces to do joint work with the National Police, here in Lima and Callao, where a state of emergency has been declared.”, he pointed out in reference to the participation of the Armed Forces in the framework of the declaration of a state of emergency in the capital and the first port.

Chávarry recalled that there was also a request from his predecessor, Avelino Guillén, so that other cities such as Trujillo, where also “it is required to withdraw the Armed Forces”.

However, he added that in the case of other places, the Police and the authorities “We are doing an evaluation because just like that, an emergency declaration cannot be made, an evaluation has to be done, to see the work that is currently being carried out with the Police through its functions in the different places of Peru.”.

So I more or less understand what this is”, he added in RPP about what the president said.

Two weeks ago, a state of emergency was declared in Lima and Callao for 45 days. Thus, it is established that the National Police maintains control of internal order, with the support of the Armed Forces, according to the rule published in El Peruano.


Alfonso Chávarry on crime in the country

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