Pedro Castillo stands up for Betssy Chávez and other censored ministers

Pedro Castillo stands up for Betssy Chávez and other censored ministers

The president of the Republic, expressed solidarity this Friday, May 27, with the outgoing head of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betssy Chávez, and other ministers censored by Congress.

During the closure of the XIII Decentralized Council of Ministers in the city of Tingo, Amazonas region, the president questioned that in the political space “be rewarded” the insult and the lies, and the work and effort of the Government be sanctioned.

“I must tell you that as a government and the people who are at the forefront for the good of the country to meet the needs as ministers and ministers of state, and that when there are blows not only to democracy, but also to management, there is no nothing more than directing my solidarity to Dr. Betssy and our ministers who have been censored and have been questioned during our period”he expressed.

“In a political space today, the people are aware of and see the political reality, where insults are rewarded, lies are rewarded and the work and effort we make through the Government is sanctioned”he added.

In that sense, Castle Lumps He also questioned that Chávez Chino had been censored when the MTPE had been promoting the right to strike, to work and to have a labor code.

“Today they do not want to recognize, and it is that they have been working through this sector and promoting the right to strike as a citizen’s right at the national level, the right to work, to have a labor code that has been working and no matter what it costs, we have to continue promoting along the same lines to recognize the workers of the country”he underlined.

The Head of State also remarked that he will continue holding Decentralized Councils of Ministers in Loreto, Ancash, Lima Provinces, Lambayeque, Arequipa and Tacnain order to listen to the demands of mayors, regional governors, communities, leaders and civil society.

“Today we have to attend to the people because no matter what it takes, there are voices that corrode and voices that want to fix this way of working. They leave for something else, worried about investigating things that don’t exist, worried about bringing things to the forefront of reality”he underlined.

“We are here and we are going to tell the country that we have come here to work for the country. You will never find any indication that we have stolen a penny from the country”sentenced.


The show of the Councils in regions COST US EXPENSIVE
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