Pedro Castillo LIVE: they denounce that most of the president's thesis would be plagiarized

Pedro Castillo LIVE: they denounce that most of the president’s thesis would be plagiarized

The president of Peru peter castle must clarify a new crisis in his management, after assuming the leadership of the Nation on July 28, 2021. The program Panorama revealed that more than 50% of the president’s thesis he made together with his wife, Lilia Paredes, would be the product of the plagiarism.

The last Sunday, May 1, Castle Lumps questioned the Congress for their “fear” of the proposal for a constituent assembly. “What is the fear of a popular consultation? What is the fear that the people express their word? The popular conquest strengthens democracy and transfers decisions to the people”, mentioned the president during his speech for the Labor Day in the General Central of Workers of Peru (CGTP).

From the beginning of May it will also be the use of masks is optional in open spaces for five regions of the country: Metropolitan Lima Lima Provinces, Callao, Ica and Ancash. According to Mario Izquierdo, spokesman for the Ministry of Health This rule does not imply that citizens will stop wearing face masks in closed spaces. This measure includes public transport services, limited the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU).

At the economic level, this May 1 also came into force the exemption from the General Sales Tax (IGV) for five basic foods: fresh chicken, eggs, sugar, pasta and bread. This measure was proposed by the Executive as a result of the increase in prices due to the negative impacts in the world due to the war between Russia and Ukraine; where, in addition, the pandemic itself kept fuel prices high.

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