Pedro Castillo: "Commemorating The Hague ruling is a way of claiming respect for and defense of our sovereignty"

Pedro Castillo: “Commemorating The Hague ruling is a way of claiming respect for and defense of our sovereignty”

The president of the Republic, referred to the ruling of the International Court in The Hague, which put an end to the maritime dispute with Chile, eight years after the historic ruling.

Through his Twitter account, the president indicated that “We commemorate this legal victory as a way to claim respect and defense of our national sovereignty”.

“On the eighth anniversary of the historic Hague ruling, which peacefully established our maritime border with Chile, we commemorate this legal victory as a way of claiming respect for and defense of our national sovereignty throughout Peruvian territory”he wrote on the social network.

Its publication comes amid controversy after the broadcast of the second part of the interview he gave to CNN, broadcast on January 25, where the Mexican journalist asked Castle Lumps on the issue of ceding Peruvian territory for Bolivia’s outlet to the sea.

The question arose based on the favorable declarations of access to the sea by the Peruvian president on a trip to Bolivia. Castle answered that “We will consult the people”seeing said action reflected in a referendum process.

“That is your right. [acceso al mar]. We will do what the peoples cry out. What the peoples need, what the peoples want. The problem is that historically we have been involved in the border issue”he highlighted.

Given this, congressmen José Cueto (Popular Renovation), José Williams (Avanza País) or Ernesto Bustamante (Popular Force) criticized the president’s words. Even Rosselli Amuruz (Avanza País) presented a motion on the agenda in which he proposes to exhort the president peter castle to resign from his post.

In the same way, at the initiative of Congresswoman María Córdova (Avanza País), a motion on the agenda was presented this Thursday to urge Castle Lumps to “respect and make national sovereignty prevail”.


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