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Pedro Castillo arrived in the country almost at midnight: could he have been vacated if he did not enter Peruvian territory?

Pedro Castillo arrived in the country almost at midnight: could he have been vacated if he did not enter Peruvian territory?

The president of the Republic, peter castle, entry last Friday, April 29 to Peruvian territory minutes before the permission granted by Congress to participate in the XIV Ecuador-Peru Binational Cabinet with his counterpart Guillermo Lasso is fulfilled. This event took place in the province of Loja; however, due to local weather conditions, the president was unable to take a direct flight for his return to the city of Lima.

The head of state knew that the inconvenience could have a political cost, since he could only stay abroad on Friday. For this reason, he was forced to take another route in order to enter the country before midnight.

According to the information released by the Presidency from its official accounts, peter castle entered the Binational Border Attention Center (Cebaf) at 10:37 pm (Friday, April 29) after crossing the Huaquillas (Ecuador) border by land. His migratory entry into Peruvian territory was registered in the city of Tumbes.

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According to paragraph 4 of article 113 of the Political Constitution of Peru, a cause for presidential vacancy is “leave the national territory without permission from Congress or not return to it within the set period”. In other words, the president knew that if he was unable to enter the country before the end of Friday, the Congress of the Republic could initiate this process.

This after the Legislature, in Legislative Resolution No. 31459, published in the official newspaper El Peruano, authorized the president’s trip to attend the Presidential Meeting and the XIV Binational Cabinet that took place in the city of Loja with his counterpart Guillermo Lasso only for Friday. The provision was approved by the plenary with 94 votes in favor, six against and one abstention.

two-sided integration

Hours before he enters Peru, President peter castle and his counterpart Guillermo Lasso from Ecuador reaffirmed their commitment to reaffirm their binational work on welfare and development between both countries.

“Between Peru and Ecuador we are united by history and peoples. We have to work together in the frontal fight against crime and poverty (…). The binational cabinet is an example of the excellent level of our bilateral relationship, which shows the consolidation of this mechanism of political and diplomatic dialogue”, indicated the national president at the event.

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