En 10 días FENATRANO deberá salir de ruta nuevo corredor Charles de Gaulle

In 10 days, FENATRANO will have to leave the route of the new Charles de Gaulle corridor

Santo Domingo, RD.- The National Transport Federation “The New Option” (Fenatrano) and the Land Traffic Institute (INTRANT) signed an agreement through which car and minibus drivers were granted a period of 10 days to leave the Charles de Gaulle corridor.

Similarly, INTRAT committed to establishing a modality so that the chauffeurs can operate in the aforementioned corridor.

The agreement was mediated by the Coordinator of the Transportation Cabinet and the president of the Dominican Municipal League, Victor D’Aza.

The president of Fenatrano, Juan Hubieres explained that the agreement is made up of 10 points for the transformation of the corridors in which affiliates operate.

He indicated that it was also agreed to allow Fenatrano to transform the brokers into cooperatives, to bank the electronic collection system.

The trade unionist pointed out that the government also promised to maintain fuel compensation until the transport sector requires it for its stability.

Within the document signed by the parties, the government recognizes that for the implementation of the so-called corridors, it must seek a satisfactory solution for the carriers that currently operate on said routes.

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