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November 14, 2021
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Pedro Castillo affirms that if people in his environment are linked to acts of corruption, he will have to correct himself

Pedro Castillo affirms that if people in his environment are linked to acts of corruption, he will have to correct himself

The president of the Republic, , visited Junín this Sunday to participate in the Amazon Regional Macro Summit. From there he expressed his intention to promote “a crusade” against corruption, also urged to “correct immediately” when close people are involved in this type of crime.

We are going to make a national call to make a crusade to fight against the scourges that have been eating away at the country, such as crime. Criminals and corrupt, young and old, and you have to fight it. Therefore, if in our environment there are proven people with things that do not go in that line we also have to correct it immediately“Said the president.

He also referred to the balance that he provided in the middle of the week from the city of Huamanga, in Ayacucho, on the first 100 days of his administration.

We are just 100 days in government. The people have asked us to account, we have given them an account. From the combative region of Ayacucho, there are many things to do, but we have struggled to bring you the report at the national level and know what we are doing”, He expressed.

Another point highlighted by the Head of State was that his administration will seek to “correct” that the sanctions for corruption also reach the companies involved.

We have governors who are in another place for embezzlement, mayors too, ministers, presidents. He asked them: Have entrepreneurs, large companies, also been sanctioned? we must correct that and that is why we will begin. In acts of corruption there are two actions: the corrupter and the corrupted. They both have to pay their penalty”, He sentenced.

Resignation of Walter Ayala due to the scandal of promotions in the Armed Forces.

This Sunday morning Walter Ayala also announced his irrevocable resignation as Defense Minister due to his imminent censorship by Congress, as a result of the scandal over promotions in the Armed Forces.

The outgoing official was considered “politically responsible”, regarding the accusations by former general commanders for having received interference by the Government to promote a list of officers.

In addition to Ayala Gonzáles, President Pedro Castillo himself and the Secretary of the Government Palace, Bruno Pacheco, have also been questioned. The latter is designated as the operator of the irregular requirements. The Office of the Attorney General has initiated a preliminary investigation to find those who are responsible for the alleged crimes committed.


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