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March 6, 2022
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Pedro Castillo accumulates more than a hundred questioned designations

Pedro Castillo accumulates more than a hundred questioned designations

Throughout seven months of administration, the government of appointed more than a hundred officials with separate questions, including ministers, deputy ministers, advisers and directors. This is detailed in a report by the (CPA), which accounts for complaints, processes in tax and court, conflicts of interest, non-compliance with profiles, lack of experience, etc.

“It says a lot about the improvisation (of the government), that when it is intentional with the purpose of generating confusion, chaos and taking over, it becomes perverse (…). What is happening is a trial. If nobody says anything, I leave it. If they make me roche, I’ll take it out. If they don’t make me much roche, I’ll leave it anyway”, remarks Eduardo Herrera, executive director of the CPA.

The report includes the two controversial former cabinet chiefs: Guido Bellido, the first to be in command and who had investigations for apology of terrorism; and Héctor Valer, the third prime minister who dragged complaints for family violence.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), headed by Juan Silva until recently, is the portfolio with the most officials questioned, with 14, according to the CPA report. It is in this ministry where a criminal network was denounced to profit from works, which reaches Castillo himself.

It is followed by the Presidency, with 11 cases. Here is the former secretary general of Palacio, Bruno Pacheco, who was found with US $ 20,000 in cash in the bathroom of his office, amid complaints of interference in promotions by the Armed Forces. and the PNP.

At the cabinet level, 19 ministers are being questioned, including the infamous Iber Maraví, with alleged links to the Shining Path and who remained in office for three long months.

According to the report, of all those hundred senior officials, which in addition to ministries include entities such as Essalud, Serfor, Indecopi, the IPD, PetroPerú, among others, at least more than 50% remain in power.

“We have already got used to saying that, well, this government appoints unpresentable people and that’s it. But what he does is be an accomplice to corruption”, emphasizes Herrera.

But the lousy choice of officials looks set to continue. The latest example is Silva’s replacement at the MTC, where his right-hand man, Nicolás Bustamante, was appointed. That is, more of the same.


At least 30 officials currently in their positions do not meet the minimum requirements established by the new Law 31419, published on February 15.

The Midagri is the third entity with the most questioned officials, with nine cases. They are followed by PCM and Mintra, with 6; the Minam, Essalud, Interior and Produce, with five each.


The former Ministers of Education Jaime Saavedra, Flor Pablo, Martín Benavides and Daniel Alfaro met in a discussion about the direction that the portfolio they directed in the past is currently taking. The appointment was convened by Care and the former Minister of Education Marilú Martens, who directs said organization.

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