Pedro Castillo accepts resignation of Dimitri Senmache in the Ministry after his censorship in Congress

Pedro Castillo accepts resignation of Dimitri Senmache in the Ministry after his censorship in Congress

President accepted this Sunday, July 3, the resignation of the minister to the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter), after being censored by the Congress of the Republic last Thursday, June 30.

As it is recalled, by 78 votes in favor, 29 against and 8 abstentions, the Parliament approved the motion of censure against Senmache for the escape of the former Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva Villegas, and the deaths due to clashes between artisanal miners in Caravelí , Arequipa region.

In this way, Senmache had to leave the position he had assumed on May 22. After accepting his letter of resignation, the president will have to designate his successor in the next few hours.

Supreme Resolution 179-2022 PCM accepting his resignation was published in the Official Gazette El Peruano and bears the signature of Pedro Castillo and the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres. The rule also reads that Senmache is given “thanks for the services rendered to the Nation.”

Last Friday, Pedro Castillo asserted that political motivations prevailed in Congress in the decision to censor Senmache, taken in the plenary session last Thursday.

Why was Senmache censored?

The motion accused the head of the Ministry of “omission of functions and management incapacity” after the clashes in the Arequipa district of Atico, which to date they have left 14 dead.

Also, he was accused of “serious functional responsibility” by “inaction and laziness” to locate and capture fugitives Silva Villegas, former Secretary of the Presidency Bruno Pacheco and Fray Vásquez Castillo, nephew of the president.

In the same way, he referred that Senmache, before the Oversight Commission, has not complied with clarifying the facts, nor has he “answered with suitability and completeness” on the actions deployed by your sector to reverse events.

“On the contrary, it has transferred the responsibility to the Public Ministry, ignoring that actions related to internal order and public order are the primary and exclusive competence of the ministry in charge”he pointed out.

also considered “reprehensible” that the minister has stated that he could not follow up on Juan Silva because that required a court order, “Forgetting on the one hand that it had the responsibility for video surveillance” and that the security of the State assigned to the former minister was under the jurisdiction of his sector.

“The events that have occurred are sufficient reasons for the current Minister of the Interior to leave the ministerial office before, due to his incompetence and inaction, more tragedies continue to occur in the country that destabilize the Nation”he emphasized.

So far in the management of Castillo Terrones, there are five Interior Ministers who have passed through said portfolio: Juan Carrasco Millones, Luis Barranzuela, Avelino Guillén, Alfonso Chávarry and Dimitri Senmache.


The Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache, made a mistake when referring to the situation of the former head of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva, saying that “he has fled the country”, but later corrected the phrase. (Video: Channel N)

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