Guido estima bases PRM podrían recurrir al desquite en España

Guido estimates PRM bases could resort to revenge in Spain

SPAIN – The political leader Guido Gómez Mazara affirmed that he does not want to be president of the Republic to end up being simply a messenger president of some economic group, and said that his priority in politics and life is to serve the people.

He said that he is not worried about not having money to carry out his political project of becoming president of the Republic, since many in pursuit of that goal fall into the trap of the powers that be and ill-gotten money ends up mortgaging his management.

“We are the change of truth and not of lies”, stated bluntly the leader and candidate for the presidential candidacy of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) who is touring several European cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, Milan.

Regarding his face-to-face candidacy for 2024, Gómez Mazara was reiterative in expressing to his followers in the diaspora “have faith, and let us count the votes.” Next, he stressed that many believe that the country is like them “in a bubble.”

Referring to the feeling that could have arisen in many perremeistas, Dr. Mazara expressed that many people do not understand why retaliation takes place, which he said is not an animal reaction, but that the human being brings it out to vindicate the actions that unfair estimates.

He evoked the case of former president Leonel Fernández, who reacted when a presidential candidate began to say that when he won he would imprison “Zutano and Mengano” ignoring the rules of power, which led Fernández to leave the passive role. “Consequence: Fernández threw the State into the streets and we lost the elections.”

Other examples of retaliation mentioned by the PRM presidential candidate were that of Clarence Thomas, judge of the US Supreme Court against the current president of that nation, Joe Biden, and that of the deceased former president Joaquín Balaguer against the also deceased former president Juan Bosch. .

In Gómez Mazara’s opinion, no one can be underestimated in politics, because when a person has been attacked, offended, insulted, degraded, they resist, endure and divine grace gives them the opportunity to get even.

In the activity, which was attended by dozens of PRM militants and leaders, Néstor Domínguez, PRM delegate to the Central Electoral Board (JCE), also spoke, who thanked “Guido for having responded for them since they have not been given value for their work.

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