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Pedasí will host the Panama 2023 Pescatlón

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With the support of the artisanal fishermen’s associations of Pedasí and organized by the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP), the sporting event Pescatlón Panama 2023 will be held on April 15, the first sporting activity in Latin America of its kind that will gather at the country to Artisanal Fishing and Running on El Arenal Beach in Pedasí de Los Santos.

This activity, which also has the support of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) and the Pedasí Mayor’s Office, aims to give visibility to the efforts of artisanal fishermen in their work and to be the beginning of an experiential fishing program where artisanal fishermen He becomes a tourist agent taking national and international tourists to have the opportunity to experience with a local fisherman in the sea, then he returns to land and cooks the fish for him.

In Pescatlón Panama 2023, about 100 runners will participate and it is expected that around 30 artisanal boats will compete, where a runner will be integrated with an artisanal fisherman, with the purpose of witnessing the daily life of the fisherman at sea and all his experiences in the fishing task.

The Director of Productivity Promotion and Technical Assistance of ARAP, Bernardo Melo, explained that in Pescatlón Panama 2023 the other runners who will not have boats will run 5 kilometers in the town of Pedasí starting from the main park of Pedasí until they reach Playa El Arenal.

Melo explained that those who are in the boats as the fisherman’s assistant will have a limit of four hours to fish at a nautical mile, with a minimum of fifteen pounds of the fishing product and apart from that, they will be rewarded by categories, such as volume, species and time. , including the award to the fisherman for responsible fishing

The ARAP official assured that there will be prizes for everyone, both for fishermen and for runners who arrive in the first places and by category with nine thousand balboas in prizes, which includes the delivery of engines, propellers, box of oils for the use of boats, as well as cash prizes from the Municipality of Pedasí.

Pescatlón Panama 2023 is already widely accepted, it has created a lot of expectations and the beauty of the activity is that it has the support of private companies, both from the country’s soft drink and fishing industry, to continue motivating more competitors to participate , and that places Panama as the venue for major sporting events.

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