Harlen Oropesa Carrero, manifestante, 11J

11J protester Harlen Oropesa denounces mistreatment in El Pitirre prison in Havana

Havana Cuba. – From the most rigorous prison El Pitirre, also known as 15-80, which is located in San Miguel del Padrón, Havana, the protester of the 11J Harlen Oropesa Carrero denounces the physical and psychological mistreatment perpetrated against the prisoners, as well as the harsh conditions of captivity suffered by the inmates in that prison.

Through a telephone conversation, Oropesa Carrero announced that in that prison unit there is a great shortage of food and medicine. As an example, he described that the daily ration for the prisoners at 15-80 generally consists of a glass of salted water, three or four tablespoons of rice and a boiled egg, or in other cases a little hot water with a piece of boiled cassava, two or three spoonfuls of rice and a spoonful of picadillo.

The political prisoner also pointed out that the prison facility is infested with bedbugs that incessantly bite the inmates without the prison authorities taking effective measures, such as fumigating or changing the bed boards. He also emphasized that due to the lack of hygiene, the wounds become infected and, since there are no medications, the affected inmates do not receive treatment, nor are they provided with any kind of medical attention.

Oropesa Carrero added that these and other conditions determine that the prisoners feel subjected to physical and psychological mistreatment, and for this reason she demands that some international body intercede for the release of the protesters and other political prisoners and prisoners of conscience imprisoned on the Island. .

Oropesa Carrero is 39 years old and, until he was arrested, lived in the Luyanó Moderno neighborhood, belonging to the San Miguel del Padrón municipality in the capital. He is a graduate of Primary Education from the “Presidente Salvador Allende” Pedagogical School. On previous occasions, he has recounted how during the popular outbreak that occurred on July 11, 2021, he was arrested on the Calzada de Güines and taken to the Ivanov prison, where upon arrival they made him pass between two lines of soldiers who beat him.

On this occasion, he also reiterated that he was sentenced to nine years in prison for the alleged crimes of public disorder, contempt, assault and incitement to commit a crime.

The political prisoner was serving a sentence in the Valle Grande prison, also of maximum severity, until approximately three months ago when he was transferred to El Pitirre.

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