PDG recognizes “internal breakdown” after Mirosevic’s election in the Chamber: “It is necessary that corrections be made”

After a post-vote meeting of the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, in which deputy Vlado Mirosevic was elected to lead the corporation, the People’s Party (PDG) recognized that “an internal breakdown has been generated” in the community.

“As a result of the conversations held. On the part of the leadership, deputy leadership and the coordination of the bench of deputies of the PDG and independents, today we sadly see that an internal break has been generated,” they pointed out from the political store, through a statement .

And it is that the community suffered a severe blow after the members of its caucus questioned the possibility —agreed with the right— that its peer Víctor Pino would assume the presidency of the Lower House. Finally, the committee broke down and its deputies voted dividedly.

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This division, according to the statement issued by the PDG, “is contrary to our principles that speak of unity, transparency, consensus and participatory democracy, always representing the voice of our affiliates and that has led us to generate a turning point for the management and the work done”.

“Having said the above and knowing that there is independence in the voting, we believe it is necessary that the corrections be made, in order to refocus the objectives for which all our representatives in Congress were elected,” stated the letter signed by the board of directors of the PDG led by Luis Moreno.

“We see that unfortunately the traditional political class used our team for their own purposes, generating a fragmentation that must be remedied immediately,” declared the PDG, for whose leadership “it is imperative that there is total coordination of the team prior to any contact with other forces policies and in this case, it was not like that, understanding the lack of dialogue, leadership and information from the beginning to the end among all the actors”.

It is worth mentioning that deputy Pino’s option did not generate consensus in Chile Vamos either, so it was modified by the candidacy of Miguel Ángel Calisto (DC). The PDG, in addition, was one of the parties that had signed the administrative pact that was sealed in March between the official factions, the Christian Democracy (DC), the Green Ecologist Party (PEV) and independents. According to said agreement, the PDG had a period to assume the head of the Lower House. However, after questioning compliance with the agreement and opening negotiations with the right, it will now be difficult for them to demand that the ruling party respect their turn in charge of the corporation.

Deputy Calisto had emerged as an emergency letter from the right, since Pino did not generate consensus even in his own committee. In fact, minutes before the vote, Chile Vamos proposed another idea to the DC: that the letter to assume the front seat should be deputy Joanna Pérez, but that did not convince the community, so they continued with the plan to support Calisto; without the expected results.

“We are not part of the coalitions of left and right to take duopolistic positions, since we were born from independence to work as a block for the challenges that citizens mandate. Today, if we get to politics, it is to generate changes independently and without owe political favors to any group,” the statement added.

From the PDG they reiterated that “it is time to correct, both the coordination teams, as well as the representation of the bench, to achieve collective goals and better communication between deputies and national and regional managers.”

In addition, they pointed out, “it is necessary to put aside personal positions and work as a block since there are multiple and crucial definitions for citizenship, such as security, the economy, pensions, tax reform, health, education and housing that directly affect middle class”.

“Together we managed to develop this project and that is why we must move forward with clear objectives that do not deviate from the path traced from 2013 to date,” they concluded.

PDG recognizes "internal breakdown" after Mirosevic's election in the Chamber: "It is necessary that corrections be made"

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