Paulina Núñez (RN): “The ministers are not doing their trick”

Paulina Núñez (RN): "The ministers are not doing their trick"

Who has been one of the opposition senators closest to the President, assured that if any conclusion can be drawn this week it is that in Parliament “it is the government that does not have majorities and does not even have its own.”

Paulina Nunez told Third that from the opposition “we are not going to remain silent if the government does not have a road map or legislative agenda”, and stated that “we are going to raise the issues where the country requires certainty”.

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“The government has to wake up and get out. It cannot continue paralyzed without definitions,” said the militant RN, criticizing that “the ministers are not doing their trick.”

Senator Núñez assured that there is “little talk” and that the secretaries of state “come when we invite them and the truth is that the minister of the Segpres, whether he likes it or not, has to eat here in Congress, he has to sleep here, he has to be in the commissions, talk to the parliamentarians”. Along the same lines, the RN parliamentarian had words for Minister Camila Vallejo, who, in her opinion, as spokesperson, “cannot just stay in the courtyard of La Moneda.”

“They have to look more closely at the President and pay more attention to him, because he is not only the President, he is supposed to be the leader of the coalition,” said Núñez, affirming that “more proposals must be made and an agenda must be set up in the absence of a government roadmap.

The rejection of the fifth withdrawal with the support of the right undoubtedly marked the legislative week. This, for Senator Núñez, “demonstrates that the government does not have a majority in Congress, because it has not been able to install a roadmap and does not have a legislative agenda.”

“There are no projects to put on the table and it does not have a majority, because it has not entered into a more direct and concrete dialogue with the opposition. The first thing they have to do is organize themselves and then come and talk with us,” he added.

“We are going to work to return to being a government from the opposition, but not kicking the government’s table or throwing the tablecloth at it. Chileans are bored of seeing an opposition, beyond the one on duty, acting with revenge,” closed the Senator Nunez.


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