Painful case of animal abuse, five puppies were cremated inside a sack in San Carlos, Córdoba

Painful case of animal abuse, five puppies were cremated inside a sack in San Carlos, Córdoba

Environmental police attending the case. Photo: @chicanoticias

The authorities are looking for those responsible for this aberrant act.

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Unscrupulous people set fire to a sack inside which were five Creole puppies.

This case, which has been repudiated by users of social networks, occurred in the municipality of San Carlos, located 36 kilometers from Montería, capital of the department of Córdoba.

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Uniforms from the Environmental Police arrived there to attend to a case reported by the community, on an alleged case of animal abuse that was corroborated upon arrival at the site.

Indeed, it was the burning of five dogs that were a few days old.

“Where are we going to get as human beings”, questioned this fact the Love Association Animal, a page dedicated to rescuing furry ones from the street in deplorable conditions.

In addition, it was learned that the Environmental Police collected all possible evidence to prepare the case reports in order to initiate the relevant judicial process.

cremated puppies. Censored photo.

‘Animal love’a non-profit organization that seeks to protect the rights of animals in the department of Córdoba, has set up some phone lines to receive information about those people who are involved in these events.

Authorities carry out investigative work to find the whereabouts of those responsible for this crime, which according to the law is punishable by imprisonment.

It should be noted that Law 1774 establishes that harmful acts and cruelty against animals that do not cause death or injury that seriously affect their health or physical integrity will be sanctioned with fines of 5 to 50 current legal monthly minimum wages.

Cover photo: @chicanoticias

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