Patrolwomen in love who had to postpone their wedding, finally got married

Patrolwomen in love who had to postpone their wedding, finally got married

Patrolwomen who got married.

The police had not granted permission to one of them.

Colombia News.

Two police patrol women were married civilly at Notary 36 in the city of Bogotá, in an unprecedented event, becoming the first two women belonging to this institution to get married.

The wedding of the uniformed women, 33 and 22 years old respectively, took place on April 18 in the office of Notary (e) Javier Chacón.

Both women attended the appointment scheduled at 11 in the morning with their National Police uniform, a badge they have been wearing for several years when they decided to join the ranks of this institution.

patrol boats
Police patrollers who got married.

For lawyer Reinel Vásquez, the fact that this union was able to take place is a step forward in terms of gender equality and Human Rights within this class of institutions.

“It is a great advance for the history of the country as it is the first marriage of a same-sex couple in the Police,” said the jurist.

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It should be remembered that in February 2020, this couple was scheduled to get married but they had to postpone their wedding since the National Police did not grant one of them the proper permission.

It should be noted that one of the patrol boats resides in Bogotá and the other in the city of Medellín.

At that time, the Notary asked the police institution to allow same-sex couples to marry, based on the right to equality enshrined in the Political Constitution of Colombia.

Now, the couple hopes that their vacations will coincide at the same times so that they can enjoy their honeymoon.

Below is the report of news one about the postponement of the wedding:

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