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Patricia Juárez on DS intervening in the Magisterial Spill: “We are supporting that it be annulled”

Patricia Juárez on DS intervening in the Magisterial Spill: "We are supporting that it be annulled"

the congresswoman He referred to the second vote that seeks the repeal of the Supreme Decree that intervenes directly with the statutes of the . In addition, he referred to the new positions of the censored ministers Dimitri Senmache and Betssy Chávez.

Is there going to be a second vote tomorrow on the bill that seeks to repeal the decree of the Executive that intervenes in the Magisterial Spill?

Yes, tomorrow is on the agenda, it will surely be seen at some point during the day, because the Plenary Session begins at nine in the morning and we will surely be there all day until night and we will surely see this theme, on the Magisterial Outpouring.

What is your position and that of your caucus with this bill, some say it is losing strength for this vote?

We have voted in favor of annulling this Supreme Decree, because we understand that the Magisterial Spill has statutes and the legal entity is of a private nature. Through a legal provision you cannot intervene in modifying statutes that correspond to a legal entity of private law. For this reason, this project was even presented at one point in the Economy Commission by the Teachers’ Group and was rejected in the last Legislature in which I had to participate.

As the answer was not found in Congress, I imagine that the group from the Ministry of Education considered that they could come up with a Supreme Decree, intervening and modifying the statutes of a private legal entity. A first vote has already been given, from the Fuerza Popular bench we are supporting this second vote and this Supreme Decree is annulled.

The Executive has appointed Senmache in EsSalud, what is your position?

Pedro Castillo’s circle is very small and he is always rewarding officials who have been loyal to him to some extent and need to be located elsewhere in view of the censorship to which Mr. Senmache was subjected.

The same happens with the current Minister of Culture, Betssy Chávez, she has been censored from the position of Minister of Labor and has another location in the Ministry of Culture, so what we do not understand is, and I think there is already a bill there of a congressman in the sense that a person is elected through a popular election process as a congressman, then he should not hold positions in the Executive. Because finally, if his vocation is to be a Minister of State, leaving aside a place for which he was elected by popular vote, the truth is that he should not apply. I believe that this bill should prosper, because either you are a minister or you are a congressman, both things cannot be seen at the same time.

There is also the issue of Geiner Alvarado, who seems to have entered into contradictions. He admits having spoken with Fray Vásquez, but said he does not remember the reason

The truth is, these are issues that I think are just coming to light. The censorship of Geiner Alvarado has led to many things, I think it was a good decision on the part of Congress to censor him, the vote was very high for his censorship. I think many people have, at least, reasonable indications that there is or has been a certain organization that has been operating at the service of some mayors or wishes of the Executive.

Sooner or later the truth will be known, the former minister is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office and has attended and the moment in which he asked to set aside the security provided by the State has been very suspicious, that has attracted a lot of attention. He immediately tried to stop the situation from going any further and accepted the security again, because it has already happened to us with Minister Silva, he left without any problem, we are still seeing the president’s nephew who does not appear anywhere either, everything suggests that they would be out of the country. That is not what you want with Mr. Geiner Alvarado.


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