Patricia Chirinos on video where she proselytizes: "I think we can all be wrong"

Patricia Chirinos on video where she proselytizes: “I think we can all be wrong”

the congresswoman (Avanza País) referred to the video released by his colleague Hamlet Echevarría (Democratic Peru) where he proselytizes in favor of candidates from his party and said that there is no problem in investigating it.

In a dialogue with Canal N, he stated that I was not in an official congressional activity, but of his party, and that it was a meal for funds for the electoral campaign.

“At no time, due to my position, have I tried to favor the candidate. I introduced her as my friend and future mayor of Ventanilla. If I have made a mistake, in any case, the congressman who presented (the video), (Hamlet) Echevarría, should go to the Special Electoral Jury of Callao”he expressed.

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In that sense, he referred that if in any case, if he is at fault, “let it be investigated”. He also stated that he will present the defenses and if it is concluded that he committed a fault, he will assume it.

“I’m not trying to blind myself or forget the obvious. I will defend myself and that’s it. I don’t try to cover the sun with a finger. Let it be investigated, there is no problem, I think we can all make mistakes. There is no problem in recognizing it”he underlined.

During the debate on the motion of censure against the Minister of Transport and Communications, Geiner Alvarado, which took place this Thursday, the parliamentarian showed a video in which Patricia Chirinos gave a speech in favor of the candidate for Mayor of Ventanilla, Angélica Ríos, and the candidate for the Regional Government of Callao, Cluber Aliaga, during a proselytizing event.

In the audiovisual material, the legislator of Avanza País is heard saying that Aliaga is “the best candidate that exists at this time for the Regional Government of Callao” and then points to a possible future re-election of candidate Ríos.

After finishing the projection of the video, Congressman Echevarría stressed that electoral regulations prohibit public officials from carrying out acts of proselytism, despite having some political preference.

“What we have just seen is inconceivable. Despite the fact that the electoral regulations prohibit us from making political proselytism, the colleague does it without any dispossession. No one can judge political preferences; however, we rule makers must be the first to respect them, something that, clearly, the colleague is not complying with”said Congressman Echevarría after the screening.


Statements by Congressman Digna Calle

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