Authorities neglect their positions immersed in political campaigns

Authorities neglect their positions immersed in political campaigns

The two most important movements of the National Republican Association (ANR – Colorado Party); “Republican Force” and “Honor Colorado” have pre-candidates for Congress who continue to hold high positions in the Executive.

In the ruling party, its list of senators is made up of candidates such as Mario Varela, Minister of Social Development (MDS), Bernardino Soto Estigarribia, Minister of National Defense (MDN), Édgar Olmedo, Minister of Justice, Carla Bacigalupo, Minister of Labor and Natalicio Chase, head of the Paraguayan Sanitary Services Company (ESSAP).

On the part of Chartism, the list for the Senate is made up of pre-candidates such as Juan Carlos Baruja, Governor of Paraguarí, César Ramírez, Governor of Canindeyú, Roberto González Vaesken, Governor of Alto Paraná, Pedro Díaz Verón, Governor of Caazapá.


Analysts agree that the candidates for Congress who continue to occupy high positions are neglecting their obligations to the citizenry, by being immersed in their proselytizing acts.

Selva Castiñeira, a political scientist, expressed that these candidates cannot carry out government efforts and electoral campaigns at the same time. “It takes a long time to carry out a campaign and they stop making their government efforts. With this, issues that concern the citizenry are neglected, ”she warned.

The analyst considers that with these candidacies, these authorities lose the focus of their management and it is a situation that concerns them more personally. “Ideally, they would resign their positions,” she said.

The analyst questioned that these authorities, in the last year, have gone on to carry out electoral campaigns, and it is not healthy for democracy when citizens place their trust so that they can administer parts of the state. She pointed out that they stick to their positions so as not to lose the high salaries they enjoy.

“Many times they are very attached to the position and you have to take into account that a campaign has its cost. And they continue to benefit at the expense of the State to pay for the campaign. They use the state apparatus to exert pressure on public officials. I don’t understand why they have to hold on, ”she commented.


Rocío Duarte, political scientist, expressed for her part that these candidacies, at least, are ethically reprehensible. “Regardless of the legal framework, these people occupy these positions with the aim of formulating and implementing public policies and it is incompatible with electoral practice. The time that the campaign requires along with the management overlaps and is incompatible. There is no way these people can perform adequately simultaneously,” she explained.

The analyst argued that they have an unfair advantage over the other candidates since they use public funds to promote their identities and figures. “They should resign as soon as possible,” she said.

Rocío Duarte, political scientist.

Authorities neglect their positions immersed in political campaigns
Selva Castiñeira, political scientist.

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