Patricia Chirinos filed a constitutional complaint against Minister Geiner Alvarado

Patricia Chirinos filed a constitutional complaint against Minister Geiner Alvarado

the congresswomanfrom the Avanza País bench, filed a constitutional complaint against the Minister of Transport and Communications, based on the information that has been released about his alleged links to acts of corruption in the Government.

The document was formally presented on August 11 and raises a constitutional accusation against Alvarado for the alleged crimes of criminal organization and illegal sponsorship. He is also denounced for an alleged constitutional infraction.

Chirinos highlights in his complaint that the current Minister of Transportation took office on August 5 after holding the position at the head of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation since the beginning of the Government of Pedro Castillo.

Geiner Alvarado is denounced by Patricia Chirinos.

After that, he mentions the version given by the former Secretary General of the Presidential Office, Bruno Pacheco, who as an effective collaborator accused the Mayor of Anguía, José Medina, and Minister Medina as alleged operators of a criminal organization.

It also highlights that, in the preliminary arrest request against Yenifer Paredes, Mayor José Medina and businessman Hugo Espino and his sister, the prosecution says that there is a simple degree of suspicion that there is a criminal organization that seeks to capture high positions in the Executive. with trustworthy people like Geiner Alvarado.

It should be noted that the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, announced the opening of a new preliminary investigation against Pedro Castillo and Minister Geiner Alvarado, after learning of these versions that implicate both officials.


The INTERNATIONAL lapses of Pedro Castillo
The INTERNATIONAL lapses of Pedro Castillo

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