Horacio Galeano Perrone: “We are in a very complex political situation”

The political analyst, Horacio Galeano Perrone, declared on 5Días TV, that after the announcement by the American Embassy about Hugo Velázquez, his resignation as vice president and his candidacy are transcendental actions for politics.
“Let’s see what happens with Hugo Velázquez. We also have the departure of Fernando Lugo, we are in a political situation of great complexity, great intensity. New political figures are going to appear in the race, there is talk, for example, of Pettengill, he mentioned.

He went on to explain that “Santiago Peña says ‘I don’t care what the American government says’ and it’s not like that. For the American government, lying within politics is absolutely distant. On the macropolitical issue they are not going to lie. Corruption corrodes because it makes it easier for terrorist groups to generate money and weapons. Security for the US is an extremely fundamental aspect. They are not going to allow any mistake in Paraguay”.

“If Efraín Alegre plays the game well and thinks carefully about who is going to be his vice president, he wins the elections,” he said.

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