Pass to the Colca Canyon enabled, after blockade due to earthquakes

Pass to the Colca Canyon enabled, after blockade due to earthquakes

The section of Peña Blanca that was obstructed by the landslide and rockfall on the road Maca-Pinchollo-Cabanaconde, passing the tunnel, it was enabled this afternoon, therefore, after 2 days of blockade, tourists can now move to the Cruz del Condor viewpoint.

The manager of the Autonomous Authority of Colca (Autocolca) Winder Anconeyra, urged drivers and travel agencies to be cautious to transit in the area, because landslides continue.

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Only today they have registered 2 tremorsthe first of 3.4 and the second of 3.6 degrees of magnitude, with epicenters in Pinchollo and Maca, respectively.

The asphalt layer that cracked was removed, so it was left as a carriageway. The authorities coordinate to resurface this road, which is very passable, due to the visit of the main tourist destination in the region, the Colca Canyon.

According to the official, it is estimated that for one day of closure of the Colca Canyon approximately 200 thousand soles were losts, only in businesses directly related to tourism such as travel agencies, transport companies, restaurants, hotels.

While in the entire chain of the sector that includes artisans, food, among others, it would be approximately 2 million soles.

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