Parliamentary Ethics Commission evaluates complaint against María del Carmen Alva this Monday

Parliamentary Ethics Commission evaluates complaint against María del Carmen Alva this Monday

The will evaluate this Monday, April 4, the complaint filed by the legislator (Democratic Peru) against the president of Parliament, (Popular Action), for allegedly violating the code of parliamentary ethics.

The accusation is based on the participation of the head of Congress in the meeting last February at the Casa Andina Premium hotelwhere a group of opposition legislators got together to supposedly discuss the ways they had to vacate the President of the Republic, peter castleaccording to an investigation by the weekly Hildebrandt en sus Trece.

The meeting was attended by parliamentarians Patricia Juárez and Hernando Guerra García (Popular Force); Jorge Montoya and Alejandro Muñante (Popular Renewal); Norma Yarrow and José Williams (Avanza País); Carlos Anderson (We can Peru); Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) and Luis Arriola (Popular Action). In addition, former legislators Úrsula Letona and Jorge del Castillo participated.

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Other grounds for the complaint filed Red Bermejo was the incident that Alva Prieto was involved in last February 7, during a meeting between parliamentarians and local authorities. In this dialogue, the president addressed the mayor of the district of Ocoña, Arequipa, and demanded respect.

Mayor, mayor, mayor, mayor, you are here, in my house. I demand, first, respect. This is a conversation between congressmen and mayors. I have always said that Congress is open to talk”, was what the president of the Parliament expressed.

Likewise, the congressman from Democratic Peru filed this complaint also based on the fact that María del Carmen Alva stated that “nobody wants to have a lying president”, which he expressed in October 2021 in reference to President Pedro Castillo.

Will see other complaints

In the session next Monday, April 4, the Ethics Commission You will also see the ex officio complaint against the third vice president of Congress, Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País). In addition, the accusation against legislator Héctor Valer (Democratic Peru) and congressman Esdras Medina (Popular Renovation) will be evaluated.

In addition to this, the hearing of the case of Luis Gustavo Cordero Jon Tay (Popular Force) will continue for alleged injury to his ex-partner.


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